General Hospital Spoilers: Laura’s Got Poor Timing

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura’s Got Poor Timing

General Hospital fans are all kinds of excited about what is happening right now, but we need to discuss a few things first. First and foremost, Laura is a mess, but she sure is handling it all well. She’s been left behind by the man she has loved for a while now, and she’s not sure what is going on. It’s not like Kevin to just abandon her after all that’s happened between them, but the real kicker for her is less that he left her in general and more that he left her to pursue a few things with Ava of all people. Ava is the polar opposite of Laura. While Laura is all things that are good and wonderful in the world, Ava is the kind of woman who would steal a lollipop from a baby and eat it in front of the baby while the baby cried and Ava laughed. She’s a wreck.

But Laura does seem to be handling it all quite well at this point in her life. It’s who she is. Stella is growing, too, but she’s looking into herself to find some answers and to make some changes in her life. She does have some serious questions about the way things are in her life, but she’s also a little confused about things, too. She has to look into her self to find the answers she’s looking for, and that’s not a bad thing. Furthermore, Jordan was surprised, and it was nice to see her that way. It was nice to see her feel good about something for once. She’s been going through so much lately, and we think that she’s been given a chance to make life a little bit better in the meantime.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

It is the happiest place on earth, and we do all love it. It happens to be the place where everyone just has a good time, and very few people are mad about anything. We have no problem with that, and we love that this group of friends decided to go together.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving, and that’s always a big day. This year is no exception. For one, we will all get to see Nina take out all her anger and her animosity on Ava, and this is going to be fantastic. We love mad Nina, and she’s someone who will tear this woman down to the point that we don’t even recognize her anymore, and that is all the thing we think are awesome in the world. She’s a hot mess, and we love seeing her this mad about everything. She’s not going to have much to say in return because Nina will not even give her a chance to do that. That’s what makes this so good for all of us. She’s mad, she’s mean, and she’s not going to sit back and let any of this go down in a way that works for her. We love it.

Additionally, we think that things will make a very interesting turn when we see that Laura’s timing is all off. She might find out something she was not happy about, and it might be amazing. Oscar is sick, and he has a lot to think about in his life, but he’s conflicted, and we will all see that happen. He’s trying to find what he is thankful for, but this is a very difficult time for him, and he’s not sure he can handle that. He’s not sure he can live with what is happening in his life these days, and it’s all bad news. He’s a wreck, and we get that and where he is.

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