General Hospital Spoilers: Flashback Friday

General Hospital fans know Michael’s life changed forever the moment he lost his son and thought he died during birth following the accident he and Nelle were in. But, to find out nearly a year later that his son did not die, but that his ex decided to trade the baby with a couple who recently adopted a baby that died was just too much for him. He was horrified, but he knew that he had to get his baby back. This meant he had to do anything and everything it took to make this happen, and it had to be done right away. There was a lot of hurt and a lot of upset here, but there was also a lot of hope. He wants to keep this baby from his mother — who has already proven she is awful — and he’s fighting. He had to make some decisions, and they were the life-changing kind of decisions.

Julian is helping a friend, but we suspect that there might be more to it. We cannot decide if Julian is doing the right thing or if he is just doing something for himself that we don’t see yet. It could go either way, since that is his MO most of the time. But, then there is more. We now know that Nelle is going to continue to proposition people, but we also know that nothing she’s suggesting is going to help anyone but Nelle. She’s never going to do anything that benefits anyone other than herself, and we all know this. We are baffled that other people seem to forget this is the truth. This is a hardcore situation that is going on right now, and she is not about to lose to anyone…she’ll do anything it takes to win.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

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What’s Next on General Hospital

We all know what day it is now, and we all feel a lot of excitement about it! It’s flashback Friday, which means we get to see an old episode of a show we loved long ago, and that makes us all feel a little excited. We hear that this week is a good one, and it will be something that ends up being delightful. It’s the episode that first aired on November 27, 2018. It was the time that Jordan and Curtis were getting married. They said their vows, and they were leaving to go on their honeymoon when everything went completely awry. They had a crasher, and not one thing that they had planned or that they saw happening for them when they first began their marriage did not.

Things have been a little rocky since day one for them, but we are reminded that this is what marriage sometimes looks like in the grand scheme of things. For now, though, we also thought we might take a look at a few other things that are going on around here. For one, we might look at the fact that this is a flashback, so it’s not as bad to see it again as it was to see it the first time. We also want to check in on all the fans. How are you guys? How are you doing? Is all going well for you as you either remain under a stay-at-home order or you slowly begin to go back out into the real world? Are you holding up well? We want to know more, and we want you to know we feel you.

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