General Hospital Spoilers: Finn’s Dead Wife isn’t Dead

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn’s Dead Wife isn’t Dead


General Hospital is back with a vengeance this Monday, and what we find out might be so shocking no one can quite believe it. Now that Finn has made it possible to cure the disease that took so much from him, yet managed to save Hayden’s life, there is some shocking information coming to light. That information is that the wife he lost to this disease is not actually dead. He’s fallen in love with Hayden and hopes to build a life with her, but now he’s going to find out his dead wife might not actually be dead. Is this possible? Is there even a small chance she might be alive and well? We don’t know how it might be possible, but it seems that the rumor could be true.

It’s a long story what happened to him and his wife, but when he showed up in Port Charles to continue his research, it was with a broken heart that his wife died from this disease he was working so hard to cure. He was infected, too, and it killed him a little each day. Now he’s got a cure, but what is going to happen now? We have a reason to believe she’s not as dead as he might have originally said she is. To be fair, though, he didn’t say she was dead. He simply explained her away as someone who was infected worse than he was and he could not save her. That doesn’t mean she died, but that does seem to be the opinion everyone has. It turns out, she might be in a hospital somewhere else, and she might be making a comeback rather soon.

It’s the shocking news of the day that Hayden and Finn might be alive and well now that he’s working on this cure, but their love might not make it very far when his actual wife makes her return. It won’t be today, but it will be soon and we have reason to believe it’s going to shake things up in a way that can’t be changed for the better for the (not-so) good doctor.


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