General Hospital: Patient Six is Causing Problems

General Hospital fans are pretty much more excited about Patient Six than any other person, place, or thing in their entire lives. They are so excited to see what this entire situation has in order, and we cannot wait to see it all go down from this point on. We are so excited that things are going to change for them, and we are so excited that there is a chance we are going to see this moment make major history for the show — and it’s all thanks to Patient Six.

We know now that Betsy has confirmed that there is a twin. We know it’s not Franco’s, which means we also know it must be Jason’s. And we know that there is a good chance at least one of the twins has no idea they are a twin (Jason?) and that there is a chance the other one might know. Or not. They might not know at all. They might both know. We don’t know — and that’s the point.

And now it appears that Valentin might be in on this in a big way. Perhaps this is why the patient wears a black mask over his face? Is it because Valentin knows the face is so easily recognizable? We’re going to see something else happen that might make no sense at all. Patient Six is going to make a phone call. To Sonny.

And that means we think he might just be Stone Cold Jason Morgan. Is that true?

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