General Hospital: Nathan and Laura are Out

General Hospital fans are hearing some shocking rumors this week, and it seems a few of them might just be true. We hear that Laura’s decision to run for Mayor Port Charles is pointless because she will lose or she will need to tell them she has to withdraw her name from the ballot because her sick grandson needs her help in France. She’s off the show. The soap decided not to renew her contract with the soap, but we do hear they did offer her a chance to stay on as a recurring character who might show up time and time again for various reasons.

And we also have confirmation that Nathan is out. The rumor here is that he signed a contract with the Hallmark Channel that’s quite lucrative, and we do know how much we all love a good Hallmark movie these days. They are going to keep him on the channel and work with him regularly, and it seems like he had to make a choice.

But the good news is neither of these characters were bringing much to the table lately as it was. They are both good characters to send off if you have to, and we aren’t that upset about it. We knew that Nathan was going off the deep end, and that’s just what happens. Though we wonder if he will be replaced or if he will just be killed off as a whole when he makes his own exit soon.

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