General Hospital: Jason Tries to Win Sam Back

General Hospital fans are positive that Jason is going to move in on Sam and try and get her back. It might not be right now. It might not be next week, but this is going to happen. He’s seen her happier, and he wants to make her happy. It’s clear to everyone that she and Drew are not going to make it with their brand-new marriage, and he might just move in and try to take advantage of that while he can. He loves her, and he’s never stopped loving her.

He wants the woman he’s always loved back, and that’s not something he takes lightly. He is not the type to sit back and wonder if he can get things to work his way when they are like this. All he wants is someone to love, and he wants it to be her. Now that this is working out in his favor, he might just have a chance of getting her back.

But we can expect to see him take this very slow and very simple. He’s not going to have a good chance to make it happen if he moves too fast. He currently has a chance to make this right, and he knows that this is what he can do. He’s going to be slow and subtle about it, but while also making it very clear that he has these feelings for her and does want her back in his life for good. It’s all he has.

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