General Hospital: Franco Needs to Be Honest With Liz

General Hospital: Franco Needs to Be Honest With Liz

General Hospital fans know that Franco didn’t show up for his own wedding not because there was anything going on that made him not want to marry Liz, but because he was in danger. Fortunately, he is all right and Jason was able to save him. She will find out that all is well, and she might change her mind about what she’s going to do when she finds out the truth. But that all depends on her actually finding out the truth once and for all.

With him lying to her so much, it might be hard for her to believe that things will turn around when they do. And it might just be difficult for them to get any kind of resolution from this. We suspect she will turn to her friends and her family to help her navigate these difficult waters, but we also suspect that there might be a lot more to this than we know.

But will she be able to get past the lies? She’s going to want to hear him about this before she makes a decision about her future, and this might be his only chance to salvage what she’s going to do. She might not want to take him back if she suspects he is not being honest, but she might change her mind if he finally opens up to her about it all and why he’s been lying to her. Will he do the right thing?

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