General Hospital: Franco Begs Drew

General Hospital: Franco Begs Drew

General Hospital fans need to know that Drew is going to have Franco pleading with him. This is not the time they are friends — yet, but we hear this might help them get to that point. Franco is going to beg Drew to do the right thing, to make the right choices, and to really get what he needs to get done handled accordingly and appropriately. But will Drew listen? He’s in a bad place right now, and that’s not good for him. He can’t focus on making appropriate choices in this situation, and it’s becoming a problem for him.

Now is not the time for him to make matters worse, either. He’s in the middle of a situation that is going to upset him and make things so much worse, but we don’t know how to fix that. We don’t know what might happen, how it might go down, or what we can expect from any of this. And when we do know what we can expect, it might not be what we need to happen.

When this all goes down, there will be so much in their lives they need to handle. They might be friendly after this, but that doesn’t mean they will get to that point right away. In fact, we would not be surprised if their situation doesn’t get a little worse before it gets a little better. Can they focus on making the right moves at this point or not? We don’t know.

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