General Hospital Deaths That Still Haunt Us

General Hospital Deaths That Still Haunt Us

General Hospital Deaths That Still Haunt Us

General Hospital fans really do see and say goodbye to so many characters on a regular basis, but we still think that there is a matter of time when someone’s death affects us a lot more than the deaths of others. It’s not all the time, but it’s on occasion. Sometimes a character dies, and it’s one of those things that makes us feel sad on the inside. There are times when we know someone will probably return, and that’s always welcome, but there are times when someone dies and it makes us feel that the entire world is just a mess. They don’t seem to be able to come back, or we are told it’s final, or we just miss them. These are a few of our most difficult deaths to date on the show. Do you have one we missed?


Perhaps the most recent and difficult death we’ve faced was when Nathan died. We knew Ryan Paevey was leaving the show, but we’d hoped that he might be the type who shows back up — and we will admit that we are not entirely sure they will not find a way to write him back into the show at some point in the future. He’s a beloved character who always made us angry but all right with him at the same time, and his death was difficult. Perhaps it was difficult because his wife, Maxie, was pregnant with their first child when he passed. He never had a chance to be the father he was so desperate to be with this baby. It was a sad moment, and we didn’t like watching it.


This one goes down as the single most difficult soap death of all time. He was one of the most devastating deaths for so many reasons. For one, he was only a teen when he died. There is something infinitely more difficult about watching a child die than an adult. And then there is the fact that he was so in love with the lovely Robin, who was there by his side when he took his final breath. They were a couple that hit the mark with fans because he had AIDS. She was then diagnosed as HIV positive, and he was dying. His death was crushing, sad, and heartbreaking. And we all felt for Robin in that time. In fact, we all felt for all of Port Charles. It was not an easy situation to watch go down.


Fans were sad to see him go because his story line was one that we were so interested in. He was bipolar, and he was handling it. But when Olivia decided that she wanted to kill her brother, Julian, she put a bomb in his car. Ava had already done some dirty work by planting fake medicine in Morgan’s bipolar meds for her sister, and that was a different story. But as Morgan was totally out of control in the moment, he actually took Julian’s car and he died in the explosion. He was dating Ava’s daughter, Kiki, at the time, and it was one of the most awful things she’d been through in her life. But it turns out she might just get her own revenge on her mother since she did sleep with Griffin.


This child was so hard to watch go, but we are all so happy that he did come back. It was all an elaborate scheme created by Helena to kidnap the boy and keep him on her island where she could control his mind, and it worked for some time. However, watching his death was awful. He was hit by a car and killed in a hit and run situation, and his life was over for good at that point. But the most awful and terrible part is that it was Luke who ran him over and ‘killed’ him. He was the boy’s grandfather even if he was not his real grandfather, and it was one of the most difficult situations to watch unfold. We all cried endlessly over this one, and we know it’s because he is a child and we can’t watch children go through this.

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