General Hospital Biggest Recasting Mistakes

General Hospital Biggest Recasting Mistakes

General Hospital fans are always looking at things from a different perspective, but there is so much that can be done in so many ways. We are currently in the middle of watching things take a turn for the worst with some people, but there is always time for things to turn around. It’s like this all the time, but we want to take a moment and look into the worst things that happen in Port Charles — poor recasting decisions. It happens. It’s not often, but it does happen a lot. And there is nothing we can do to stop the show from making that happen. However, there is nothing else we can do but sit down and watch as these mistakes happen, they are fixed, or even sometimes not. Here are our least favorite casting decision.

Stephen Martines as Nikolas Cassadine

Let’s face it — it’s not the actor himself. It’s the role. There is not one person who can take on this role and play it like Tyler Christopher. He is Nikolas Cassadine. It’s the only thing we can say about this. We aren’t exactly mad about the actor. We just have to say that no one can take on a role that was built, made, created, and turned into such a character. He was given a job that he literally could not do, and that’s all there is to it. He should have known he could not take on a role like this one and succeed. He was doomed from the start, and there is nothing that he could do about that. Maybe in some manner he thought that he could come into this role and be the person to do the impossible, but that did not happen. He couldn’t do it. He didn’t do it. It did not work for him.

Nick Stabile as Nikolas Cassadine

We couldn’t single out one man for not being able to do this job and not the other who came on and tried to do the same. It’s like they thought that the first time they recast the role it was a bad choice. The second time they recast the role, it was still a bad choice, but they thought they might be able to get it handled and take care of it on their own. They did not, could not, and it didn’t work. But, we are sitting here wondering if there is a chance we can focus on anything other than how it’s just not possible to take anyone else into this role. When Tyler Christopher was doing some negotiating with his contract in 2016, they asked him to come on. It didn’t work. Yet again, no one can just come in and take over an established role with such a defined character and such a defined actor. It’s not possible, and it’s barely even fair to ask another man to do this job knowing it will not work out well. How can we make this right? Bring back the original.

Billy Miller as Jason Morgan

This one is not quite accurate because we all love Billy Miller so much. He did a fantastic job with the role of Jason, and that’s not easy to do considering that Jason is Jason and there is nothing that can be done about that. There is not one person who could take over this role following the loss of Steve Burton, but he did a stellar job. He wasn’t the problem. It was us. We just wanted to see our old, beautiful, wonderful Jason in the role, and he was gone. But, we grew to love Miller. However, we were not upset when it turned out that he was not Jason and that he was a twin and that Burton was coming back. It’s the best thing that ever happened for us as fans to get to see both men in the show playing twin brothers in roles that they just kill every single day. They did a great job figuring out how to bring back the man we all know and love as Jason while still keeping the one we grew to love but just couldn’t handle the role 100 percent.

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