Why Geena Davis Shouldn’t Be Cast in Wonder Woman 2

Word on the street is that Geena Davis wants a part in Wonder Woman 2.  Let’s just stop right there.  Geena Davis is a PG-rated actress. It doesn’t matter that she’s been in films that have a harder rating, she isn’t the type that could fit into an action film of the day and be completely seamless in her delivery. The Long Kiss Goodnight and A League of Their Own is about as fringe as she gets to be honest and that’s where she needs to stay. Thelma and Louise was a stretch but any further and her character would have seemed completely unreal. I happen to like Geena Davis, but after having watched her on screen for so many years it’s safe to say that she is not the kind of Amazonian that needs to be allowed into the Wonder Woman sequel.

Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen were both great in their roles, but they have a hardened look that Davis does not possess and usually cannot even emulate. Every woman present on Themyscira looked battle tough and were made to look as though they could take down a battalion all on their own. But Geena Davis, with respect, is not made from the same mold. She is far too elegant and has the look of a woman that is more in tune with movies that are made to glamorize and empower women, not treat them as warriors that are meant to be every bit as hard as men.

Any movie about a female attempting to rise above her means and become something other than what the world tells her she can be seems to be more along the lines of what Geena Davis can do. She’s a talented actress and has proven this many times but the role of a warrior is something she’s not yet tackled and likely as not should stay away from. She’s kind of fallen off the map in recent years but what she has done hasn’t been anything at all like Wonder Woman. That’s not her arena and it’s not her path. She is a woman that seems to excel when it comes to putting herself in a “man’s world” by showing that she can out-think and out-perform any man that she comes across. But in terms of being a warrior that’s ready to charge onto the field with sword and shield in hand, no.

I understand that with CGI and special effects anyone can go from being a mother figure to a seriously toned and seasoned warrior, but Geena Davis is still not it. You would almost have to obscure her face for the entire picture since this is a big part of why she is not right for a role in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel. There’s nothing sexist about it, but she has the face of a suburban mother, not an Amazonian. The other women are able to pull this look off quite well, even Connie Nielsen, who is borderline to be honest, but Geena Davis simply does not have the look to pull this type of role off.

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