10 Things You Didn’t Know about Garrett Magee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Garrett Magee

When most people think of renovations, indoor spaces are the first thing that come to mind. However, Garrett Magee showed the world a different side of the renovation world as a cast member on Bravo’s Backyard Envy. Garrett, who is a seriously talented landscaper, wowed viewers with his ability to pick the perfect plants for any location. Although Garrett’s skills are initially what drew viewers in, his personality is what has continued to keep them intrigued. With the show headed back for a second season, fans can’t wait to see Garrett and the rest of the team back in action. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Garrett Magee.

1. He’s Engaged

Garrett recently announced that he and his longtime boyfriend, Andrew, have gotten engaged. Magee asked Andrew to marry him on Fire Island which is where the couple met. He couldn’t have been any happier and was excited to share his moment with his friends, family, and followers. Garrett told People Magazine, “I’m over the moon excited. I do feel a sense of relief it’s over and he said yes.”

2. He Studied Graphic Design

Garrett went to college to study graphic design and video editing. For several years after graduating, he worked in graphic design. However, he ultimately released that a traditional career sitting behind a desk simply wasn’t for him. He decided to leave the corporate world and go into landscaping.

3. He Loves To Go Hiking

As someone who makes their living working with plants, it only makes sense that Garrett also enjoy spending time outside. He loves the feeling of being out in the sun and breathing in fresh air. Hiking is one of his favorite outdoor activities and he has gone hiking in different areas of the country.

4. He Comes From A Family Of Landscapers

The transition from graphic design to landscaping may seem random, but for Garrett, the change made sense. Garrett comes from a family of landscaping and it’s something he grew up around. Although he was always interested, he decided to take a more traditional path. Becoming a landscaper not only satisfied Garrett’s need to be creative, but it also allowed him to get out of an office environment.

5. He Was Nervous About Doing The Show

Being on a reality TV show is a great opportunity, but it can also lead down a bad path. Over the last decade, we’ve seen countless people ruin reputations and relationships because of their reality TV appearances. For those reasons, Garrett was initially hesitant about doing the show. He told Queerty, “in no way did we want to be on a show that was going to be pitting us against each other and full of drama. We wanted to make sure this was representative of our business and really showcasing our friendship and our work.”

6. He Wants To Get Into Modeling

Garrett’s good looks definitely haven’t gone unnoticed since Backyard Envy debuted. The fact that he’s a natural in front of the camera makes him even more captivating. He has recently started to consider getting into modeling and has been talking to some agencies about the best way to go about getting started.

7. He’s All About Body Positivity

Being in the spotlight comes with lots of criticism, and Garrett has already started to experience this. Some people have commented on his body and suggested that he needs to lose weight. Garrett is a big believer in body positivity and thinks everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their skin.

8. He Watches The Show

There are lots of reality TV stars who prefer not to watch themselves on TV. Apparently, there’s something very cringeworthy about seeing and hearing yourself. However, Garrett isn’t one of those people. Not only does he watch the show, but he’s actually held watch parties so he could enjoy the show with his friends and family.

9. He Enjoys Traveling

There’s an entire world out there that’s waiting to be explored, and Garrett loves being one of the people who gets to explore it. Both he and his fiance enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally. Some of the places Garrett has visited include Hawaii, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.

10. He’s A Proud Uncle

Garrett and Andrew haven’t started a family of their own or shared whether or not they plan to. However, family is very important to them and they are getting plenty of practice in as uncles. Garrett is a very proud gunkle (gay uncle) who loves spending time with his nieces who are triplets.

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