Game of Thrones Final Season Budget is a Whopping $15 Million Per Episode

Game of Thrones Final Season Budget is a Whopping $15 Million Per Episode

Game of Thrones Final Season Budget is a Whopping $15 Million Per Episode

Just when you think the bar’s already set incredibly high, a show like Game of Thrones comes along and reminds you that there is essentially no more bar to speak of. In season 8 the show is going to not only allow each episode to run nearly the length of a full feature, but their budget will be a whopping $15 million dollars per episode. That’s an insane budget to consider for most shows, but when you look at all that Game of Thrones has to bring together finally you get the feeling that it’s completely justified.

The dragons alone will prove to be most costly, as will the CGI effects such as the wights and the White Walkers. To top that off the special effects will absorb a great deal of the cost and so will everything else that goes into making the show. It might seem insanely expensive for a single episode but as GoT fans know already the show is not run on a shoe string budget. The epic eighth season is going to need all the frills and will absolutely demand a higher cost than anything to date.

For one thing, the epic showdown between Drogon and Viserion is going to be a big focus as the two titanic dragons meet for the last time and wage a fiery battle at the behest of their riders. The White Walkers will also be leading a sprawling army that will only be defeated when the walkers are finally put down. Westeros is already at war with itself, but will need to pull together in order to stop the advancing hordes from wiping the rest of them out and leaving the seven kingdoms a barren wasteland where the White Walkers rule.

The full scale battles that will be needed are going to have to be done in full this time, as cutting to an off screen shot for anything that’s coming would be a serious slap in the face to the fans that have hung in this long. Dragons, Dothraki, Westerosi soldiers, undead wights, White Walkers, and battle scenes that will be so grand that the audience will no doubt be gasping for breath near the end will have to be as elaborate and complete as the crew can possibly make them if GoT is to be given an epic sendoff.

It’ll be interesting to see who finally sits atop the Iron Throne when all is said and done, or if the Iron Throne will even be the prize any longer. You’ve already seen the development of Daenerys and Jon, witnessed the depravity of Cersei, and understood that these three are the only ones who could possibly lay claim to the throne any longer. The battle against the undead will only be the beginning. The quest to claim the throne will no doubt lead  towards the scrap that we’re calling the Clegane Bowl, which will decide for good and all just which brother is the absolute toughest. Despite the stark disadvantage the Hound has going in, I still think he might have a chance.

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