“Game of Thrones” Fan Theory May Have Nailed Entire Plot of Season 8

Somehow I think this fan theory of how Game of Thrones season 8 is going to go is wishful thinking, but I can’t help but think that some of these theories I would like to see come to fruition as well. One of the most enticing is that the Night King and his dragon will lay waste to King’s Landing, perhaps immolating the Mountain in the process and clearing out the city even as his army is laid to waste a heavy personal cost. Of course this theory also includes Euron Greyjoy returning with his mercenary band and having to fight the Night King, only in the end to become his mindless servants.

Jon and Dany marrying seems to be a foregone conclusion no matter that it’s just a theory so far. Bran could very well keep the secret of Jon’s parentage to himself, thereby keeping the peace within that union. It’s also surmised that the two might birth a child, or possibly twins, but that Daenerys will not survive the birthing. So Jon would become the king of Westeros. Oh, that’s right, Cersei. Well, this theory includes Cersei dying at the hands of her brother to fulfill the prophecy she was given as a girl. This would seem poetic since she and Jamie have been at odds recently and it would be fitting since she has gone off the rails and is simply begging to be plucked up by fate and death alike.

The Clegane Bowl won’t be likely to happen since the Hound is a long ways from Kings Landing and couldn’t possibly make it unless, well, TV magic. Chances are though if the Night King bypasses all other kingdoms and heads straight for King’s Landing that the Mountain will be immolated along with the rest of the city. It would still be nice to think that we could get the Clegane Bowl but it’s all a matter of how it’s being worked. Some things that seem likely however is that with the dragonglass given by Dany the living have a much better chance of surviving than they would without it. Plus, those that have Valyrian steel, if there are enough, will stand a better chance of surviving against the wights than anyone else.

It’s also theorized that Jamie will join the Night’s Watch and become the next Lord Commander, where he will perhaps rebuild the sundered Wall. It could be that Jon, as king, will not only legitimize bastards, but will also place upon the Night’s Watch a chance to serve for a tour and then be released, which could possibly make it easier to find men willing to take up the life as it would allow them to be free and do as they please after their tour. The force manning the Wall could possibly be depended upon and the various castles could be operated with at least half capacity if it was made into a choice rather than a punishment.

There’s still a little over a year for these theories to continue building, so get ready for the rumor mill to start grinding in earnest.

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