Game Of Thrones Casting Hints At House Frey Return

Game Of Thrones Casting Hints At House Frey Return

Game Of Thrones Casting Hints At House Frey Return

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will be the final season for the series, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a lot of interest in the latest occurrences. For example, it has been revealed that series has cast Danielle Galligan as Sarra Frey for the final season, which is a choice that offers some interesting possibilities regarding what fans can expect. As for Galligan, she has appeared in a couple of short films, with one being Strangers in the Park and the other being Closing Time. Furthermore, she received partial credit for having co-wrote Strangers in the Park, meaning that she is interested in other parts of film-making besides acting as well.

Who Is Sarra Frey?

Sarra Frey is a character who has appeared in both the books and the TV show. For those who are curious, Sarra and her twin Serra are the daughters of Ser Raymund Frey, who is the eleventh son of Lord Walder Frey via his marriage with Amarei Crakehall. In the books, Sarra and Serra had no real role save that they were two of the Frey women who were presented to Robb Stark when he visited the Twins for Edmure Tully’s wedding, which seems to be have been an intentional decision on Walder’s part to maximize the awkwardness of the situation. Meanwhile, the twins’ father Ser Raymund had a bigger role in that he was the one who killed Catelyn Stark after he had killed Jinglebell. Otherwise, it is interesting to note that Sarra and Serra are not Raymund’s only children, seeing as how he has a son apprenticed to the Maesters, a second son apprenticed to a Lyseni alchemist, a younger daughter named for Cersei Lannister, and a younger pair of male twins named Jaime and Tywin.

As for the TV show, Sarra is once more one of the Frey women who were paraded before Robb in the lead-up to the Red Wedding. Some people might remember her because of Walder’s comment that Robb could have married either Sarra or Serra or even both of them if he had wanted to. Technically, there is still some doubt about whether the character who has been cast will be this particular Sarra, but considering the name, the chances of it being a separate character seem low to say the least.

What Might Be Sarra Frey’s Role in the Final Season of Game of Thrones?

Instead, the more interesting question is what Sarra’s role will be in the final season of Game of Thrones. Theoretically, it is possible that she will make an attempt to get revenge for Arya killing the male members of House Frey, who would have been her brothers, her uncles, and her cousins of various sorts but considering the limited screen-time that is left to the series, that would be an odd storytelling choice. It is also possible that she will instead have a role in rallying the remnants of House Frey to help fight the White Walkers, but the effectiveness of that potential storytelling choice would be dependent on the execution, which could either make or break it.

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