10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabi DeMartino

Gabi DeMartino might not be a household name in the same way many celebrities are, but she’s going to be before much longer. Unfortunately, her household name status is coming on the heels of the inappropriate video she sold on the internet, and it’s not a good thing. She’s a YouTube sensation with a lot of followers, and she just sold a video of herself to fans that is considered child pornography. Fans are outraged, and it’s not looking good for the young star. We don’t know how she will continue to respond or what she’ll do next, but we can help you get to know her a little better.

1. She’s Still Young

She’s not too young to know better, however. She sold a video of her childhood self flashing her body to the camera, and she’s old enough to know better. Her date of birth is May 5, 1995, which means she celebrated her 25th birthday in 2020.

2. She’s from Pennsylvania

She was born and raised there. She grew up in PA with her mom and dad and her three siblings. She has two sisters, Niki and Alessandra, and a brother, Anthony. We have no idea what their childhood was like at all, but we know that she’s managed to turn a lot of her life into a social media sensation.

3. She’s Apologized

The video she sold of herself was through her OnlyFans account. OnlyFans allows people to subscribe and pay for access to the lives of people on the site, and in return they share things that their fans don’t have access to on other social media sites. Like this video, for example. She’s taken it down and she’s apologized to her fans saying that she was simply sharing a throwback moment from her childhood, and she didn’t think through what she was sharing.

4. Did She Know What She Was Doing?

There’s some speculation that despite her apology and her ‘didn’t think this through,’ comment about how she didn’t realize she would offend anyone or do anything inappropriate in selling a $3 video of herself that this might not be true. She said she didn’t think it through, yet she did caption her video “Won’t put my panties on,” before she sold it to fans for $3 each.

5. She’s Financially Stable

It seems that despite her incredible oversight and mistake in selling his video, she’s still doing all right financially. Her online channels have earned her an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million, which his nothing to laugh at when you’re only 25.

6. She’s Had a Rough Year

2020 has not been a good year for Gabi DeMartino. She shared with fans that earlier in the year she went through a terrible situation. She was pregnant, but she suffered a miscarriage. She wasn’t expecting this to happen, and she was horrified and saddened by her loss. Her fans showed a lot of support for her when she shared the news with them later in the year.

7. She’s Got a Boyfriend

Not just any boyfriend, either. She’s got a long-term boyfriend she’s been with for longer than 5 years now. She and Collin Vogt have been together since 2015, and they are going strong. They seem very happy when they are out together, and they seem like they are in a good place.

8. She’s Not Into Fans Asking Personal Questions

Every single time she goes to make an announcement about her life or her business, she has fans asking if it’s an engagement announcement. She’s not into that, and she’s done with it. She’s in a good place in her life right now, and she doesn’t need to get engaged or have the entire world asking her about it all the time.

9. She Has a Huge Following

She has millions of followers across her social media channels. She has more than 4.4 million just on her Instagram account, and she has millions of YouTube followers. She had a reported 3.2 million followers on OnlyFans prior to being deleted after releasing the video many are calling child pornography.

10. She’s Confident

It takes a great deal of confidence to put yourself out there on the internet and share your life with millions of people every single day, and she’s doing it. It also takes a great deal of confidence to post photos of yourself wearing next to nothing on the internet all day long, but she’s doing it. It’s clear she’s confident in who she is as a person, and that’s a great quality.

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