10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Majlak

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak is an American actor who is known for his role as a Micro-Influencer, billed as himself in the 2019 film “Flat Earth: To the Edge and Back.” He has recently made the news in gossip columns in a scandal of rumors that suggest he has been cheating on his current girlfriend. If you’re been following the story and you’d like to learn a bit more, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Mike Majlak.

1. Mike only has one acting credit

Although he is billed as an actor, Mike Majlak only has one acting credit in his portfolio on IMDB, and that is for his role as a Micro-Influencer on the “Flat Earth” project. He appeared on the “True Geordie Podcast” television series as a guest. The show is a regular series that is aired on television in the format of a talk show. Majlak was invited for an interview which he accepted, giving him a bit of national exposure.

2. His Birthday

Majlak was born in Milford, Connecticut on January 13, 1985. He recently turned 35. He was raised in the area that he was born in. As a child, Mike has had an amazing personality and he enjoyed interacting with the people around him. He is a positive person who seems to always find a way to make those around him smile. This has helped him in establishing a successful career.

3. He started out as a writer

When Mike Majlak first started his career, he did so without an academic degree. His first real job was with Nice Guy Promotions The Essential Foodie which is a social media promotions company. While working for this company, he was a writer and a blogger and the articles that he wrote were related to health, lifestyle, and food.

4. He is a professional marketing manager and podcaster

Mike has earned a lot of success for his contributions to him and Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast. Audiences appreciated his contributions and this is where Mike Majlak really got his break as a professional in the industry. He and Logan have a lot in common and when they launched the podcast together, within a month the pair had over a million Youtube subscribers.

5. He makes a ton on sponsorship

Majlak brings in a decent income from his part of the podcast. Sponsors are willing to pay big bucks for a spot on the show. Each post that he makes results in a high engagement rate and sponsors are clamoring to pay to get in on the action. This is good news for Mike’s bank account because the average rates that he charges for such sponsorship range between $620.25 all the way up to $1,033.75. Although Mike Majlak’s net worth has not yet been officially confirmed, it is estimated that it is somewhere between $400-$500,000.

6. Mike is a dog lover

We learned that Mike Majlak is a dog lover. He owns three of them and they live with him in his home. Their names are Finney, Henry, and Brannie. They can be seen with him occasionally in his videos. This tells us that he has a big heart when it comes to animals. He moved from Milford, Connecticut to South Norwalk and he currently lives in Los Angeles. He also has two sisters that he was raised with in their home town of Milford. Their names are Jill and Abby.

7. He did go to college

We wanted to know more about Mike Majlak including facts about his education. We discovered that he did enroll in college for a brief period of time. He attended Fordham University, but he didn’t graduate from the institution. Mike’s personality has taken him a long way in his career. He is one of the few rare individuals who had the ability and the natural talent to go out and become successful without the benefit of formal training. Although education is a wonderful thing, he has learned more through his interactions with people than in the classroom.

8. He is currently employed as a Marketing Manager

Mike is big on social media and he has gained a great deal of fame through he and Logan Paul’s podcast. His affiliations with Logan and other social media stars including Ayla Woodruff, Lydia Kenney, Jacquelyn Noelle, and many others have helped him to get the boost that he needed to launch his career, but he does have a day job as well. He is currently a marketing manager for a company that is named Lovesac. He’s a busy guy who seems to always be working and loving what he does.

9. He’s had some controversy

Mike Majlak is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Lana, but a scandal broke out in early February accusing him of cheating on her. The mystery woman was revealed to be Ava Louise, an Instagram model and she even went to far as to appear on “Dr. Phil” to say that she slept with Majlak to answer his girlfriend Lana’s queries. Mike responded on the podcast to explain what really happened and although he did have an encounter with Ava, he explained that he and Lana were not actually exclusive with one another at that time. He did say that the incident hurt her and brought pain and that is something that he never intended to do. He didn’t think he was being unfaithful because he and Lana’s relationship was not solidified at the time.

10. Mike is popular on Instagram

We visited Mike Majlak’s Instagram page to see what’s been happening lately. There are 247 posts on the page and some really great photos. So far he has 846k followers on the site. We saw that he has a hashtag for #The NightShift.

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