Watch Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Play Halloween Pinball

Watch Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Play Halloween Pinball

Watch Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Play Halloween Pinball

This is when you know that a horror franchise has crossed multiple generations and become the interest of a huge fanbase. Halloween has been around for decades and as anyone should be able to guess it’s been one of the most well-liked franchises in the history of horror despite the fact that the killer isn’t exactly as over the top as others have been. That could be the draw actually, the simplicity that Nick Castle and others have helped to bring to the story. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of simplicity to the Halloween pinball game though since Castle takes a while to really find his groove when playing. Hey, pinball can be tough if you’re not used to it and there are a bunch of flashing lights and distracting noises that are going off whenever the ball crosses a sensor. Pinball is definitely a game that takes time and patience to learn since there’s more to it than smashing a ball with a paddle to get as many points as possible, though a lot of people might not want to believe this. There is some skill involved, but it requires a good deal of patience and the right timing.

The man behind the mask in the early Halloween movies might not be much of a pinball wizard but he’s definitely been someone that the franchise has relied on in the past and might be looking at the end of an era when the next Halloween movie comes out since both he and Jamie Lee Curtis don’t appear to be making any plans to come back after all is said and done. Maybe that’s for the best, but a lot of fans aren’t likely to think so sine one thing that can be said about fans, among many things, is that they don’t like hearing that their idols are going to be stepping down. Some will accept it, others will grumble a bit, and then there will be those that will think that Castle and Curtis might have at least one more movie in them.

People need to realize just how long it’s been since Halloween started however and how old the actors have become. There’s nothing to say that they’ve aged out of their roles, though being in one’s 70s does kind of stand as a valid argument in some cases, but it’s possible that they’ve simply grown tired of the franchise and are ready to either move on or simply stop. It’s not likely that the actors will simply call it good and not do anything else such as special appearances at conventions and such, but it’s easy to think that the movies might need to finally take a break and let the idea chill for a while. This is likely to be an unpopular opinion since horror fans are, much like any other fan, adamant that their favorite movies should keep going due to one dangling story element or another that might create another chance at telling the story from a different perspective. But it does feel as though Halloween might have reached a point where it’s better just ending for a while instead of continuing on and on to the point of burnout.

As of now, it would appear that Castle is enjoying himself and getting around just fine, though his pinball skills might need work. The future of the Halloween franchise is still in question at this time but it does feel likely that someone will want to pick it up again at some point. Whether they’ll want to create a reboot that takes things back to the beginning or find a way to push forward from where it currently sits is hard to say, but it does feel entirely likely that Halloween will continue to be a fan favorite and that we’ll see it pop up again and again as the years go by. Much like many popular horror movies, Halloween has a very dedicated following and many of the fans know the intimate details that went into this franchise and just about everything that can be possibly known about the actors and the overall story. Thinking that someone will eventually rise up through the ranks to direct another Halloween movie isn’t hard at all, it’s wondering how it will be presented the next time around.

It might sound a little hokey, but one way a person knows that a movie or a franchise has been immortalized is that it will show up on something that might not have been expected but is definitely noticeable. A pinball machine might not be as noticeable to some folks since it is kind of an outdated game in the eyes of many, but it’s still a favorite among those of us that grew up with such games, and likely always be.another Halloween movie

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