Fuse Prepping U.S. Version of Gameshow “Blink”

Fuse Prepping U.S. Version of Gameshow “Blink”

Take two average celebrities and have them compete against each other in a head-to-head competition involving quizzes on pop and music culture. It sounds interesting enough for it to take off, and it surely has with the British version of the gameshow known as Blink. The U.S. is getting its own version soon as TV network Fuse began production not too long ago in Los Angeles.

The U.S. version is expected to have its own twists but the network promises that celebrities will be quizzed as fast as humanly possible. The U.S. will be calling its show Trivial Takedown. There are already rumors of names of celebrity guest contestants that might be taking part in the first season. Some of these names include Omarion, Frankie Grande, and other ones that are not as recognizable. Fuse might have to work to get bigger names if it hopes to compete with other successful celebrity game shows such as Lip Sync Battle.

Trivial Takedown is expected to air as a late night or late prime-time show, which probably means they’re targeting a more mature audience. The show is expected to be half an hour long, with each season maximizing 20 installments. It will also have a completely different look and feel from the British version, as Trivial Takedown will utilize a dedicated set for the show. The network is hoping to incorporate a millennial vibe to the show, possibly utilizing social media tactics and a lot of technological influences. With hopes to get the attention of the millennial crowd, Fuse is keeping the pace fast, the tone new, and the aesthetics fresh and modern. It even plans to incorporate an interactive version of the show that’s completely online and mobile-based. Fans will have the opportunity to play alongside the celebrity contestants straight from their phones. Leaderboards will be streamed live on screen, as well as random trivia and various live polls. While this is not an original concept, it might work well in for a gameshow-type program.

Fuse is using Trivial Takedown as its gateway show into expansion. The network hopes to exploit the growing influence of the millennial crowd in all aspects of the music and pop industries in order to create multi-platform programming. Fuse has also partnered with Complex Networks to work towards this vision, starting with Trivial Takedown. Fuse-branded content such as interviews, segments, and other digital content will be distributed on Complex Networks to sample their a cross-platform programming design.

Trivial Takedown is set to premier in the fall of this year, 2017. The build up is exciting and social media is buzzing in anticipation of the show. You can check out Blink to get an idea of how Trivial Takedown will be like. It’ll be a good way to get your bearings on the competition process to get yourself ready to play along once the series premiers. It’s a thrilling time for Fuse and its partners. We can only expect more of the same type programming in the next coming months.

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