What We Know about Fuller House Season 4 So Far

It seems we may finally get to see DJ Tanner and Steve Hale enter into a romantic relationship which all fans have been rooting for! With Netflix renewing Fuller House for a fourth season, the couple may just get their chance to finally be together. The classic nineties sitcom that was rebooted by the streaming giant will most definitely pick where it left off at the end of season three and us faithful watchers couldn’t be happier. If you’ve not already watched Season 3, know there are spoilers ahead. Continue reading to learn what we know about Fuller House Season 4 so Far.

From what we’ve heard, the fourth season will be the most nostalgic season yet, with the adult cast of the original series appearing even more than ever before. The actors Lori Loughlin, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, and, of course, Bob Saget, will all be seen much more than in previous seasons. In fact, the fourth season is going to see the extended Tanner family all moving back to San Francisco, all of them: Aunt Becky, Joey, Uncle Jesse, and dad Danny! What this also means is that they will all be bringing their children along with them as well. We’ll see more of Pamela, Becky and Jesse’s darling adopted daughter as well as more coordinated albeit irritating folly from Phyliss, Jerry, Joan, and Lewis, which are Joey’s four children which are named after famous classic comedians.

Even though the original crew will be seen more in the next season, the main action will still be centered on the adult daughters of Danny Tanner, DJ and Stephanie, along with DJ’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler. Kimmy will actually be pregnant this season due to her loving gift of surrogacy for her brother Jimmy and Stephanie who long to have a child together. Because Stephanie decided on three viable embryos being implanted, chances are that we’ll likely see either another set of twins or maybe even triplets.

As for the romance we’ve all been waiting for, DJ and Steve will begin their romance dating long distance. If you’ve watched Season 3, then you know the two broke up with their respective paramours in order to finally be together. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be hearing wedding bells in the future. Steve, a podiatrist, has been hired in a dream job for the LA Lakers as their on-site foot specialist, but he is more than willing to pass up the opportunity if it means he can be with DJ. However, DJ won’t have it, telling him he needs to go for it on the finale episode of last season. She just doesn’t want him to pass up a chance like that, but don’t worry! This minor setback won’t bring their relationship to an end. After all, according to Steve, it will be “on like Donkey Kong” six months from later when they can be together.

It seems the fourth season of Fuller House is going to be stock full of interesting dilemmas. Although nothing is official yet, nonetheless, we’re sure there will be plenty of Full House Easter eggs scattered throughout with references that will keep viewers of the original series avidly watching. In addition, there will most definitely be some amazing guest stars, as usual, which will most likely appeal to eighties and nineties kids especially.

Unfortunately, Michelle Tanner will still be obviously missing from the show, with both Olsen twins turning down even the thought of guest appearing. Although it leaves the show a little empty, there’s plenty of new characters to fill it up! There’s no official word yet when Fuller House Season 4 will begin streaming or how many episodes this season will carry, but for now, it’s enough for us fans just knowing the sitcom will be back for another season!

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