Where Is ‘FROM’ Filmed? The Real-Life Location Of The Nightmarish Town

Achieving realism is at the core of filmmaking, and John Griffin embraced that notion for FROM’s filming location to convey its central idea. As the horror drama series revolves around a mysterious town that imprisons’ whoever gets into it, the setting for the story demands a unique filming location; such that sets the mode for a good fright. From the woods surrounding the town to the monsters that creep out thereof at nightfall to hunt residents, the real-life location of FROM lends huge credence to the fear it evokes.

The series premiered on February 20, 2022, and aired 10 episodes for its first season on Epix, which was later rebranded as MGM+. Though it drew serious comparisons to ABC’s Lost, FROM Season 1 stimulates an exciting mystery that captures the heart of its audience. With good ratings and positive reviews from critics, the enthusiastic reception of Season 1 made Season 2 a no-brainer for MGM+. The network heartily green-lit FROM Season 2 which premiered on April 23, 2023. Season 2 continues to explore the mysteries of the creepy town and will air 10 episodes as well.

Where Is ‘FROM’ Set?

FROM's Filming Location

FROM is set in a town in the United States of America. Travelers across the country are inexplicably diverted to the mystery town where they are hunted and haunted while searching for a way to escape. Although it is set somewhere in the United States, FROM’s filming location is in Canada, precisely in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada.

A community of the Halifax Regional Municipality called North Beaverbank is the primary filming location; that is, the town where the series is set. Other notable scenes, especially the woods, were shot at the Oakfield Provincial Park, a well-known picnic park on the Shubenacadie Grand Lake situated in the Halifax Metro region. Halifax’s growing Hollywood prestige dates back to the 1940s when Richard Rosson filmed part of his 1943 war film Corvette K-225 in the Nova Scotia municipality.

‘From’s Real-Life Location Is a Competitive Landscape for Hollywood

FROM's Filming Location at the Oakfield Provincial Park in Halifax

Nicknamed “Halifornia” for its Hollywood reputation, FROM’s filming location has a rich tradition of film production. It became a favorite destination for American filmmakers in the 90s after the Nova Scotia government introduced a film tax credit. The financial incentive and the province’s picturesque landscapes attracted Hollywood executives, making the municipality a popular filming location where notable projects like Dolores Claiborne (1995), Two If by Sea (1996), and Titanic (1997) were filmed.

In 2015, the government replaced the tax credit with a film and television incentive fund that offers a 25% refund for foreign productions executed in the province. While the incentive fund isn’t as appealing as the tax credit, Halifax continues to attract Hollywood executives, thanks to the burgeoning demand for original content. The province’s beautiful streetscapes easily pass for other cities just as its coastlines, university campuses, and other prominent locations can stand in for places in the United States. Some of the recent notable projects filmed in Halifax include The Lighthouse (2019), The Sinner (2017 – 2021), and Chapelwait which also premiered on Epix in August 2021.comparisons to ABC’s Lost

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