‘Friends From College’ Season 2 Ordered by Netflix

‘Friends From College’ Season 2 Ordered by Netflix

A show doesn’t always have to be a hit to be successful. Sometimes you just need to find the right audience and hope and pray to never offend them for fear that they too will begin to see what others see. If you’re lucky then their desire for the show will remain as pure as it possibly can be and you’ll have a hit on your hands.

Friends from College season 2 will be coming around next summer it’s believed, which gives fans plenty of time to speculate just what’s going to happen and what might be in store for the friends later on. As we saw in the season finale things aren’t really going that well for the friends and there’s a good chance that they might be experiencing some distance between them in the upcoming season.

The best thing about this show is that it depicts a sense of realism that is hard to find in this day and age when it comes to TV shows. Friends from College shows the relationships between friends, the very real problems that can occur, and the effect of getting older and everything it brings to a friendship.

Despite gaining such poor reviews it was shown to be one of the more popular shows on Netflix and one of the most watched. People seem to enjoy watching something that shows real life on such a scale no matter if it gets depressing or downright close to home. The trick I suppose is that it makes them feel better about their lives in some way or at least gives them reference to how they would like to live or things they would want to change if they could.

Realism in TV is something that producers have been toying with on and off throughout the decades no matter if some of them state that this is just what they’ve done. Take a look at the average sitcom from time to time, the acting and the dialogue at times is so wide of the mark in how real folks react to each other that it begs the question of just who the show is for, the producers or the fans. The melodrama is loved by some people but makes others roll their eyes and wonder just how long the writers were given to come up with the material. No one on the production team is innocent of this fallacy largely because they all contribute in some small or large way.

A show doesn’t attain popularity on special effects, setting, or subject matter alone. It requires some real dialogue and a sense of real life that some sitcoms have given up in place of shock value and the overriding melodrama that some people actually seem to desire. Friends from College is not innocent of the melodrama, but the show has found a way to inject it in a natural and believable manner that allows fans to really get into the friendship of the main characters and take it as something that could and does really happen in real life.

Take note people, fans like it when the sitcoms hit home sometimes.


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