10 Things You Didn’t Know about Freema Agyeman

You could be ignorant and state that women have finally found their voice when it comes to film and TV roles, but in truth they’ve been building their reputation for many a year and found their voice some time ago. Women like Freema Agyeman are a result of those women finding their voice back in the day as she’s one of the many that continues the push forward to insure that women are represented in some of the best ways when it comes to film and TV. She’s been a strong presence in the industry for some time now and has pushed and driven herself to such lengths that she’s been recognized as one of the best in show business and thus one of those that should be considered to be a rising star and a possible candidate for greatness as the years continue to roll by. If nothing else she’s allowing people to see that women are a force to be reckoned with on set and yet are still a part of the overall team that makes the magic happen.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s been in Doctor Who.

This would be a serious feather in the cap of any actor that ever graced the show in any era since Doctor Who has fairly exploded onto the scene in recent years, becoming world-renowned after a while and finally being accepted and loved by fans all over.

9. She’s a very active person.

You could say that Freema doesn’t like to sit still all that often. Either she’s got a lot of nervous energy she needs to get out or it’s just a habitual thing that she’s learned to take advantage of since it keeps her fit and possibly dispels any stress that might emerge in her life.

8. She’s been in Sense8.

This show is one of those that seems to have come and gone with a lot of anticipation but not as much follow through despite the fact that it was so well-hyped. It could be that it will be given another chance at a later date since it only lasted 2 seasons but so far there’s not a lot of buzz going on about it.

7. She grew up as Roman Catholic.

Some people talk about their faith openly while others want to keep it under wraps as much as possible. It’s all a matter of how much people attribute their faith to their success and whether or not they really want to disclose that part of their lives.

6. She’s been nominated for several awards.

The veracity of her career and her talents is evident in the number of nominations she’s received over the course of her career. While being nominated is not the same as winning an award it does show that people are paying attention and do tend to think that she’s something special.

5. She has an extensive TV background.

Her TV appearances are far greater in number than her film roles and it shows from her resume. Some folks feel a little more comfortable on the small screen than on the big screen, but it’s also possible that they feel that they’ve found a niche working in TV as opposed to film, which is usually a one and done kind of gig.

4. She’s done radio work as well.

Obviously she’s not shy about getting in front of the camera but she’ll definitely lend her voice to the effort when she’s called upon to do so. This might seem like a lot easier of prospects but being on the radio is still a professional role and has to be handled as such.

3. She’s also a stage actor.

So far it really seems that Freema is the type that isn’t satisfied with one medium and wants to experience as many as she can so long as it interests her. The idea of using the stage to better hone her acting skills seems entirely feasible as well.

2. She’s been acting since 2001.

Going on two decades is long enough to say that she’s been there, done that and wants to do it again. A lot of actors in her age group have been around since either the 90s or the 2000s and have either started to fade off or are still going strong.

1. She was in Torchwood.

The long and short of this show was that the cast played a band of alien hunters that were attempting to keep the earth safe from any that might cause it harm. The show lasted about four seasons until it was taken off the air, but it was fairly popular up until then.

Freema seems to epitomize the need for women to advance and to show that they’re capable of being feminine but also being strong enough to take on demanding roles and do more than just be part of the scenery.

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