Fox Is Developing a “Clue” Animated Series

Fox Is Developing a “Clue” Animated Series

Fox Is Developing a “Clue” Animated Series

It feels as though the world is made of dominoes these days and when one drops it’s going to set off a chain reaction that will start tumbling other stacks along the way as each impact feels related somehow to those that were felled before it. With that weird analogy aside, the announcement that an animated Clue series joins the other announcements that movies based on games are coming forward, as Risk and Uno are also being pushed forward towards their own eventual release. The one thing that makes sense however is that Clue is an actual suspense game that can be taken in a few different directions since it focuses around an actual storyline that was even turned into a live-action movie at one point. While Risk might be sensible enough to bring forward, one has to keep scratching their head at the prospect of an Uno movie, much as one might wonder just how Battleship became what it did. But the domino effect does appear to be happening all the same since now that board games appear to be what’s popular, or at least what’s on the table in terms of upcoming projects, no pun intended, one has to wonder just how well each one is going to be interpreted and how well it’s going to track with the fans that will be watching carefully to see how well each game is integrated into its movie.

Again, Clue is a pretty simple premise and it’s easy to think of how this is going to go since there’s a well-defined point to it and the only thing that could really muck up a series would be the idea to go above and beyond the game in a way that has little to nothing to do with the actual source material. This is what Battleship did, and had it been marketed as a different type of movie that had nothing to do with the game, it might have worked a little better. Clue kind of has a leg up going into this current project since the movie is one that many people happened to love no matter that it’s become more of a cult classic than anything. Plus, the game makes so much sense when being turned into a movie or a series that it almost feels unfair to even compare it to several others since it’s bound to come out looking great by the time people get to see it. But as it’s been stated and shown quite often, show business isn’t always fair, and the fact that this is one of the rare moments when something might actually have a shot before even hitting the starting blocks is bound to work in the series’ favor.

So far it doesn’t sound as though any casting decisions have been made, but given that it’s going to be an animated series it’s very easy to think that Fox will be looking for those that can bring the game to life in a way that will keep people watching. The fact that it’s going to be animated could work in a very big way since animation, depending on the style and nature of it, can usually allow for much more hilarity and bending of the natural laws than live-action can, which means this version of Clue could be a little more entertaining simply because it could carry a very cartoonish nature that people might like and that might fit with the game. But given the nature of the game, it’s also likely that things are going to be kept from being too family-friendly. In fact, it might be nice if the series is actually a little more adult-oriented since not only do adults still watch animated shows, but it’s likely a show that adolescents and adults would enjoy more than small children might. Considering that the original game was created for those that are old enough to figure out the clues, it’s easy to think that Clue might be made for a wide audience, but it’s still a hope that it will remain a more adult type of show simply because it might be allowed to be more entertaining and could loosen up in ways that a show geared for children simply couldn’t.

It’s kind of commonplace to wonder at this point just how many other board games are going to be turned into movies or series that will be used to push one idea or another and create something that will hopefully be about the game. Right now it appears to be a popular idea that continues to be pushed since some games might actually be fun to see made into movies or TV shows. But to be perfectly honest, I’m still wondering how in the heck Uno is going to become a heist movie.

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