Former Friends Ask for Prayers for the John Duggar Family Children and Siblings

Former Friends Ask for Prayers for the John Duggar Family Children and Siblings
Former Friends Ask for Prayers for the John Duggar Family Children and Siblings

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The Josh Duggar family is living their worst nightmare. The eldest of the “19 Kids and Counting” crew went from being the oldest kid of 19 to a convicted sex offender. Michelle and Bob Duggar welcomed their oldest son on March 3, 1988. They welcomed 18 more children over the years, and they never expected their oldest son to become a monster. However, their lives did not turn out how they thought they might, and the Josh Duggar family is left stunned and horrified.

The Josh Duggar Family Explained

From 2008 until 2015, the world watched the Duggar family welcome more kids. The family was known for their deeply rooted religious beliefs, and every one was named with a J. The family began their reality show stint in 2008 with the name “17 Kids and Counting,” The name changed twice over the years based on the number of additional kids welcomed into the family. Devout Baptists, nothing in life is more important to this family than their religion. They focused on purity, finding a partner, and natural family planning. Their kids were not even allowed to be alone with anyone of the opposite sex until they married. Purity was huge, and this family never saw this coming.

Former Friends Ask for Prayers for the John Duggar Family Children and Siblings

Credit: @joshduggar

Josh Duggar’s Family

The same year his family began filming their reality show, Josh Duggar was 20. He married his wife, Anna, and they began their life together. Everything looked amazing for this young family. They were young, in love, and living their lives to the fullest. By 2009, John Duggar’s family with his wife Anna grew after the birth of their first daughter. Their second child was born in 2011, their third child in 2013, the fourth in 2015, the fifth in 2017, the sixth in 2019, and their seventh child was born in 2021. However, it was during the time their fourth child was born that their lives were being turned upside down. Josh and Anna Duggar now have four daughters and three sons.

The News That Shocked the Nation

It’s true that this reality show works so well because most people are fascinated by the lifestyle in which it is lived. Having so many kids, being so devout in this religion, and being so out of touch with modern-day reality is no longer the norm. However, this is the last family you’d expect to find a predator. Now, many disagree and say there is something off about Josh Duggar – and always has been. It all began in 2015 when his name and credit card information was leaked in the Ashley Madison breach. The family was horrified and announced that Josh Duggar was seeking help for pornography addiction. However, things were only getting worse. In late 2015, a stripper in a Philly strip club decided to file a lawsuit that Duggar assaulted her following $600 worth of lap dances.

Even Worse News for the Duggar Family

Pornography addiction is one thing. Assaulting a stripper is another. However, news quickly broke that Duggar was removed from his own home as a teen after allegations of sexual misconduct in 2003. However, his family said he was sorry for his past behavior and that the children involved felt safe in their home following the incident and Josh’s subsequent return home. In 2015, a magazine reported that Josh Duggar molested five kids when he was 14 and 15. Four of the five children he molested were his siblings. The family allegedly learned of this in 2003, but they decided to handle the issue at home and with their church since they believed the children he molested were either not old enough to know what happened or they were sleeping and unaware. However, the fact that he inappropriately tried to touch a babysitter, cornered a sister in the laundry room, and reached under her clothes caused his family worry.

Former Friends Ask for Prayers for the John Duggar Family Children and Siblings

Credit: @joshduggar

Josh Duggar was arrested in 2021 after it was revealed that he had child pornography and had been since at least 2019. He is currently serving a long-term prison sentence, paying fines, and he will spend the rest of his life registered as a sex offender. He will never be able to spend time with his minor children without adult supervision, even after his release. Many of his family members celebrate the conviction, and some even reached out to his own wife and said she should divorce him. Many simply want to see the world stop focusing on Josh Duggar and instead focus on the Josh Duggar family. They want to see the kids grow up safe and happy and ask for prayers for the children.Josh Duggar

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