Former Adult Star Asia Carrera’s 11 Year Old Daughter is a Full-Time College Student

Former Adult Star Asia Carrera’s 11 Year Old Daughter is a Full-Time College Student

Some people are so incredibly gifted that it is hard to believe. Just think about how difficult it can be to get into college these days. Then think about how hard it is to succeed academically once you are enrolled. Only then will you realize what an amazingly bright person Catty Lemmon, former adult star Asia Carrera‘s daughter, is.

Catty is the youngest student at Dixie State University. She is currently 11 years old, although she aced her SATs when she was 10. She was able to complete her studies up to the 8th grade in only four years. Clearly, her story is remarkable in many ways. While she is certainly a hard worker, sometimes people are simply blessed with natural gifts that the rest of us are not.

Former Adult Star Asia Carrera’s Daughter Is Thriving in College

Catty is so young that she will still be unable to drive by the time she graduates. However, far from lagging behind her older classmates, she appears to be thriving. She has earned the highest marks in some of her college courses, including an A in pre-calculus. While most people would assume that being a child in college courses would be overwhelming, Catty has found DSU incredibly welcoming. They offered her a scholarship and have been highly supportive of her studies.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Catty may be exceptional when compared to most people, but she is cut from the same cloth as her mother. Both Catty and her mother, Asia Carrera, are members of the high-IQ society Mensa. They are both extremely intelligent, which is one of the reasons why Asia pursued a unique education for her daughter. She homeschooled and relied on private instruction for Catty as she grew up but soon realized that her daughter needed more advanced schooling.

What is truly heartwarming about Catty’s story is that she is now a classmate of her mother at DSU. The two study together, have lunch together and support each other. Asia is quick to admit that her daughter is outperforming her in their classes.

Not an Easy Road

One might assume that, given her incredible intellect, Catty has had an easy life. Things could not be further from the truth, as she has had to deal with some serious obstacles in her 11 years. She suffers from extreme anxiety, a condition which has worsened as she matured. Her mother has stated that the more Catty learns, the more she realizes she might make errors. This has contributed to her mental health issues.

Further, Catty has grown up without her father. Sadly, her father passed away when she was only one year old. Thankfully, her mother has given her as much love and support as she could, preparing her for this exceptional journey.

Learning from the Student

Catty’s story is one that we can all learn from. It would be easy to judge the daughter of a former adult film star and assume that she would not amount to anything special, but this is clearly not the case. Further, Catty is a perfect example of what happens when children with special gifts are supported and nurtured. The more people who receive this type of care and encouragement, the better for all of us.

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