10 Things You Didn’t Know about Flula Borg

Flula Borg does seem like one of the many individuals that does things to get attention but also to push his brand of comedy and make people realize who he is and what he’s all about. In this manner he’s already gained a large number of fans and followers and has impressed and inspired many that think he happens to be a genius in his own right. In a way he kind of is since getting noticed in this day and age seems to be something that requires a little extra and is difficult to do even under the best of circumstances, yet Flula has done this in his own way whether people have agreed with it or not. In many ways he is the kind of person that has the flash, flare, and the attitude to lead the way into a new era of comedy and acting if he really desires to do so, but in truth he might just want to be who he is and do his own thing, which is just fine as well.

Here are a few things about Flula that might make him seem kind of interesting.

10. He was in Pitch Perfect 2.

A few eyes might roll at this since the movies weren’t for everyone honestly but it’s still enough to give a rousing bit of notice to a lot of people that he has done something in the mainstream and he is worthy of attention since he’s made it here and in other venues, which is impressive really since it’s not an easy walk into the spotlight.

9. Flula has been quite prominent on YouTube.

The number of videos he’s posted is quite extensive and the vlogs that he’s done have been enjoyed by a lot of people since quite honestly he’s a funny character and someone that knows how to obtain and keep the attention of those that he wants to entertain.

8. He’s had a pretty successful career thus far.

Despite being in his late 30s and not really being at the top of the charts when it comes to acting, Flula still hasn’t been idle when it comes to his career since he’s been busy acting and doing his thing for quite some time.

7. His net worth is around $2 million.

This isn’t too hard to accept since honestly he’s been doing enough that people have been able to stand up and pay attention to him since he has the kind of act that a lot of folks seem to find appealing, which is saying a lot considering how much entertainment exists online and how many individuals are vying for attention in roughly the same manner.

6. He’s been seen on NFL list videos.

To be honest these are little snippets that gain the speaker a small bit of attention now and again in the videos that are circulating around the internet, but it’s enough to recognize someone now and again since many comedians, NFL commentators, former athletes, and other celebrities are seen throughout these videos. To see Flula was kind of funny, but it was nice since he did have his own words to say on the subject at hand.

5. Flula has kept his private life as secret as possible.

This is a trend that a lot of people can get behind even as the paparazzi and other fans seem to cry about wanting to know more about the personal lives of the celebs. In truth it’s not our business unless people want us to know, so it’s kind of uplifting to think that some celebrities are taking their private lives back.

4. He doesn’t give out a lot of details about his family either.

How much would you really want your family in the media when it’s been seen what happens far too often? Flula has either followed his family’s wishes and not dragged them into the spotlight or has chosen to spare them the constant rumors that might fly for no better reason than to create unwanted media hype.

3. Flula does have a decent following on social media.

He does have a good number of followers and does seem to enjoy the attention that’s brought to his posts and pictures so it’s fair to say that in his professional life he has no trouble showing off a bit and making people laugh with his antics. That’s the name of the game after all.

2. Some might call him a bit eccentric.

Some of the things he does seem a bit nuts but he tends to do them for his viewers and his views and they seem to work thus far so it’s really hard to criticize too harshly.

1. His artistic style is interesting enough to comment on whether a person likes it or not.

He does have his own flair when it comes to being a celebrity and performing, there’s no doubt of that.

Check him out, he’s kind of an interesting person.

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