The Five Worst Michael Douglas Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Michael Douglas Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Michael Douglas Movie Roles of His Career

It’s hard to say that Michael Douglas had any bad roles since he’s such a great actor. His level of talent is difficult to really say much about except when it seems that he’s found a role that just doesn’t suit him all that well. It does happen and it has happened throughout the years that he’s taken on roles that just weren’t in his wheelhouse for the most part, at least not completely. He’s done his best in those roles that didn’t seem made for him but at times his responses just seem too wooden, too contrived, and therefore kind of unnatural. Plus, a couple of roles that he shouldn’t have taken are those that passed by the moment the original film was over and done with.

He’s a great actor but there have been a few mistakes.

5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps-Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko had his time. When he went to prison the end of Wall Street was something that should have been left as it was. Gekko should have gone away and been remembered only as a cautionary tale, not dragged out into the light again where he might eventually make his way back to prominence. Plus, it seems almost like Shia LeBeouf is kind of a curse to anyone he acts with.

4. The Sentinel-Pete Garrison

Throughout the movie his affair with the First Lady kind of takes over any plot development that might happen, you know, like the plot to assassinate the president of the United States. The movie becomes more about Agent Garrison and his life spent saving past presidents, teaching students that now hate him, and finding ways to keep the story rolling somehow.

3. Ant-Man-Hank Pym

Making him look younger just didn’t do any favors to this movie. Sure he had the acting chops for it but’s almost like Ant-Man took Douglas down a few notches. In short it’s like he was just too good for this movie and had to dull his role down just enough that it no longer felt genuine. Paul Rudd did fine, but he’s about the only one that did since there was enough comedy in the movie to make him seem like a great fit.

2. The Ghost and The Darkness-Charles Remington

This one is hard because I like the movie, I like the character, but he just didn’t fit. It was like trying to jam a puzzle piece in where it doesn’t belong even though it looks like it should be the logical fit. For one if he was on the side of the Confederacy and then left America his southern accent could use a lot of work. Plus, he just didn’t seem to fit the mold at all.

1. Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past-Wayne S. Mead

This movie was kind of an all-around stinker that was loosely based around A Christmas Carol like so many others have been. Douglas plays the dead uncle of the lead character and as such is Marley to the lead’s Scrooge. It was meant to be cute and touching but it came off as just kind of sad and corny.

He’s a great actor, but these were not his movies.

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