The Five Worst Ben Affleck Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Ben Affleck Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Ben Affleck Movie Roles of His Career

So at this time Ben Affleck is supposedly on the hot seat according to some people concerning his actions towards a talk show host over a decade ago, but honestly that seems like a very small matter since he is definitely not as bad as Weinstein, not to mention if you watch the clips of his alleged misconduct you’ll see it’s pretty innocent.  One thing that we can’t seem to forgive or forget when it comes to Affleck however is the fact that he has come up with some serious bad roles that he probably should have passed on in his career. He’s not the worst actor by far, but he has had a few stinkers in his life that could have been avoided if he hadn’t been looking for a paycheck or further exposure. Let’s face it, sometimes actors do things that just don’t make sense.

Here are five movies Affleck probably wishes he had back:

5. Paycheck-Michael Jennings

If you can follow the plot of this movie all the way to the end then great for you. Honestly it’s not that hard but it tends to jog side to side at times as though to remind you that there’s more going on than Affleck’s lackluster performance in a movie that should have been something good but got ruined by a horrible plot and a story that was straight out of an adolescent’s daydream.

4. Phantoms-Sheriff Bryce Hammond

For one, he looks way too young to be a sheriff, two, he looks way too young to be a sheriff. And then there’s three, this movie is essentially a ripoff of The Blob. A strange, unknown force has managed to empty an entire town with only vague traces here and there that anyone has been there within the past few hours. And this local sheriff noticed nothing? Oookay.

3. Reindeer Games-Rudy Duncan

So your best friend gets the shiv while you’re still in prison and you’re going to take his place and his girl? That’s pretty low, until it just so happens that she takes you at your word that you’re him and jumps right in the sack with you. And then her ‘brother’ conveniently busts in on you and wants you to perform a heist with him? It’s like they were making the script up as they went.

2. Gigli-Larry Gigli

There’s just too much that can be said about this movie to really go into any detail without running over the word count by a thousand words or more. It was such a botched attempt by two rising stars that people were seen leaving the theater dumbfounded. Yes, it’s true, people actually DID go to this movie, but it was so few that the reaction was just about unanimous.

1. Daredevil-Matt Murdock

Superhero movies are kind of a touch and go type of thing that not everyone can do. Jon Favreau has proven that he can be the witty sidekick on more than one occasion but the leading man role of Daredevil should have never gone to Affleck. Plus, Daredevil seems superhuman somehow in this film, when in the comics he’s strong, agile, and a great fighter, but still can’t just go leaping off of skyscrapers as he does in this ill-conceived movie.

Affleck is a good actor, but man has he starred in some heinous roles.


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