Five Unforgettable Bronn Moments on Game of Thrones

Five Unforgettable Bronn Moments on Game of Thrones

Five Unforgettable Bronn Moments on Game of Thrones

Throughout the history of Game of Thrones there have been a lot of surprises both pleasant and unpleasant that have come as the show has continued on. Bronn of the Blackwater has definitely been one of those since he’s a gruff, very forward-speaking mercenary that seems more than likely to swing his sword first and discuss the reason for it later. Since the first season Bronn has been making a big impact considering that he fell in with the Lannisters fairly early on in the show and became someone that Tyrion felt he could rely on. When Bronn proved however that he wasn’t the sentimental type he still managed to find a way to stick with the Lannisters and to this day is still embroiled in their intrigues despite the fact of how much they really owe him. For someone that’s so practical-minded you would almost think that Bronn would have been content to just sidle on out of the story at this point, but obviously George R.R. Martin wanted him to stick around for a while.

Here are some of the most notable moments from Bronn in the history of Game of Thrones.

5. Bronn  and Jaime vs Dornishmen

The dynamic between Jaime Lannister and Bronn certainly isn’t the same as it is between Bronn and Tyrion as Corey Smith from Fansided has pointed out. In fact during their trip to Dorne to retrieve Cersei, and Jaime’s daughter Myrcella, Bronn is content to let Jaime take on the one Dornishman that was tossed when Bronn cut his horse out from underneath him. With only one functioning hand and that being his off-hand it’s a bit obvious that Jaime had a lot to learn about fighting once again, but thankfully his fake hand did save him while Bronn went on to slaughter the remaining enemies.

4. Bronn vs Sandsnakes

Had Jaime still possessed his original hand this fight doesn’t seem like it would have been close since he would have easily dispatched his own enemy and helped Bronn out. Despite that, Bronn was making a good accounting of himself against the other two since they didn’t seem able to really keep him down despite how tough they proved to be. While the sandsnakes have a great deal of attitude and pride in their own abilities they still seem a bit too cocky and far too sure of themselves when it comes to combat, something that would eventually prove to be their downfall, as well as Oberyn’s.

3. Bronn confronts Ser Meryn Trant

Bronn has never been shy about saying what’s on his mind and when it comes to speaking to those that think they’re better than him it’s fair to say that he enjoys needling such folks for all they’re worth. In a fight between Bronn and Meryn Trant it seems safe to assume that Trant wouldn’t take Bronn seriously at all and might just join a list of enemies that Bronn has left in his wake along his path to prominence as one of the deadliest swordsmen in all of GoT. The Kingsguard might be among the best warriors in the lands of Westeros, but fighting with honor and fighting to survive are two entirely different things.

2. Bronn shoots Drogon

According to Lilian Minn from Cosmopolitan a lot of people took to social media vilifying the character of Bronn after he shot at Drogon in one of the best episodes that’s come along yet. This kind of proved that he has nerves of steel and a bit of a heart since he did same Jaime despite any and all sentiments to the contrary that he doesn’t care for anyone unless he’s getting paid. Of course the castle he was still owed could have been incentive, as it’s hard to collect from a dead man. But having the nerve to stand fast and take aim on a diving dragon that’s just decimated the Lannister forces is proof that he’s something of a badass.

1. Bronn vs. Ser Vardis

This was when a lot of us knew that Bronn was for real since he took out Vardis fairly easy just by staying out of reach and not engaging with him sword to sword throughout the fight. Charging in after all is one of the ways that someone in lighter armor and with no shield can get cut down very easily. Bronn’s not a moron, he knows how to use his environment and how to wear down his opponent in an effort to keep him off balance and sucking wind by the time the fight’s even halfway through. The slash across Vardis’ hamstring was a telling blow, and to be honest it was the beginning of the end if you read Bronn’s body language since he was just waiting for the knight to come stumbling forward.

If Bronn survives to the end it wouldn’t be a surprise, he’s a fighter unlike any other.

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