Five TV Characters You Unintentionally Hate Right Now

Five TV Characters You Unintentionally Hate Right Now

Five TV Characters You Unintentionally Hate Right Now

There are TV characters that you might want to like but can’t stand simply because of the things they do, say, or the way they act. These characters are at times able to start off as likable and even charming but eventually they become something that you absolutely loathe almost by accident and without intention. It could be something they did while under pressure or a slow but inevitable change that came upon them, or they could have just been bad from the start and got worse. In any case there are some characters on TV that have done something to earn the unmitigated hatred of the viewers as we all wait with baited breath to see them get their final comeuppance. Some it’s safe to say might never come, but others we can only watch and hope that the bad guys, or at least the people we can’t stand, finally get the bit of justice that they deserve.

5. Felicity Smoak-Arrow

She started off being a great character and someone that people really liked but after a while her character changed and she just wasn’t the same. People started to notice a definite shift in her mood and attitude and didn’t like it. Eventually she became the one character that was almost universally disliked. Oh and there’s the part where she dropped a nuke on a city.

4. Francis Underwood-House of Cards

He was bad going in, people must realize that now. But as he went along he only got worse as his position became a little more important with each move. By the time he’d reached the presidency Frank was just about intolerable and he never got better. There are a few moments when he’s the lesser evil in the room, but they became fewer and fewer as the show went on.

3. Oswald Cobblepot-Gotham

In some ways you really want to like him since he’s the little guy that finally started stepping forward and taking the respect he wanted so badly. The problem with that is that he kept on taking and didn’t seem inclined to stop.  He went from being the guy with a lot of problems who still had a heart to the guy with  even more problems that had a well-defined weakness.

2. Mr. Burns-The Simpsons

I can’t think of that many times when Mr. Burns really ever did anything worth being called good. He’s been an unholy terror since the inception of the show and has never really tried to be better for a prolonged period of time. His character is that of a greedy, money-grabbing individual that would step on pretty much anyone to get what he wants.

1. Cersei Lannister-Game of Thrones

She’s the epitome of evil on TV right now and undoubtedly one of the meanest women to ever grace the screen. There are moments when it’s not too hard to feel sorry for her but then Lena Heady puts on such a great act once again to remind you that Cersei does not accept or need pity. Those that pity her are considered fools, and expendable fools at that.

Keep in mind, everyone on this list has shown a weakness once or twice, and that’s why they haven’t been condemned with every breath. They do have a redemptive side, it’s just hard to find.

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