Five Things We’re Hoping to See in the Tetris Movie

Five Things We’re Hoping to See in the Tetris Movie

There’s a good chance that if you played video games as a kid or still do that you’ve at least heard of Tetris or have played it before moving on to bigger and better things. Of course, some people might still play this game since it is rather addictive and has spawned a large number of copycat games over the years. While there was talk of a Tetris movie being made back in 2014 it would appear that the project is finally going ahead at this point and will begin filming in the fall with Taron Egerton being the first cast member to be locked down as the project is still looking for its other stars. But there are likely a few things that people are going to want to know about the movie since after Adam Sandler’s movie Pixels, which was seen by many viewers as an abject failure, even if Tetris did have an interesting spin on it, some folks might have thought that a standalone movie could have been something similar. Thankfully, it sounds like this movie will be far more practical and will deal with the actual game and how it was developed and then marketed so that it could become one of the most well-known games in the world.

Here are just a few things we’d like to see in the movie that could help to explain things a little further.

5. Focusing on the creator would be nice.

Alexey Pajitnov is the father of Tetris and it would be great to see his input on this movie in some way since without his desire to let people have fun with the game it likely wouldn’t be what it is today. When you think of how many games follow the Tetris model it’s easy to see just how much influence his early contribution to the world of gaming really had, and how things might have been entirely different if he’d never come up with the game in the first place. So yes, adding in mention of the creator would be a good idea for this movie since otherwise, it might feel like kind of a ripoff.

4. How long it took to develop the game.

It’s likely that the game took a while to develop since between the formatting, picking out the shapes that were to be used, and the programming that went into it, there was likely quite a bit of time and effort that went into its creation. Obviously we don’t need this detail to be meticulous, but some sense of time would be nice since this didn’t happen overnight and it was no doubt a process to get the game idea up and running and then find a way to get it to work.

3. How the shapes were determined.

This is fairly easy to explain but it’s still something that should likely make it into the movie since Alexey took shapes that are called pentominoes, shapes that contain five blocks and numerous variations, and took them down to tetrominoes, that have four blocks instead. By doing this he managed to simplify the game a bit and make it a little easier for people to line up the shapes to make rows, which was the obvious intent. But it’s still fun to think of how he managed to think up the different shapes and which ones would be best for the game, so perhaps a short moment or two on this would great.

2. How it came to Nintendo.

This should definitely make it into the movie since it has a lot to do with Tetris’ continued success and how it became such a commonly known name. While it does sound as though there was a legal battle that went on for the right to the game the obvious conclusion is that it came out on the Nintendo Gameboy, which many of us can likely remember seeing or owning at one time. And the rest, as it’s been said so often, is history.

1. How it was discovered.

How anything that comes to be a big hit the world over was discovered is usually an interesting or at the very least amusing story that people can tell from a position of comfort well after the fact, and it would be fun to hear this particular story. It might end up being embellished a bit in order to tell a more compelling story, but the idea is to keep people watching after all and really interest them in what happened and who first noticed Alexey’s creation.

Just thinking about the game brings back a lot of good memories, but thinking of how it might need to be presented to get people in the mood to watch is something else entirely. Hopefully we’ll see something that’s mostly factual and able to hold our attention for a while.

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