Five Things We Learned from The Ray Donovan Season 7 Premiere

Five Things We Learned from The Ray Donovan Season 7 Premiere

According to Showtime, Ray Donovan (Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominated Liev Schreiber) is the lead character in the TV series of the same name, which is set in the wide world of the rich and famous. For the first five seasons, that was L.A. and since then it has been set in New York City. Ray does plenty of dirty work for the top power players in both cities. He’s everybody’s go-to guy for making the problems of business moguls, celebs, and superstar athletes just disappear. And, some even more powerful drama started unfolding when his father, Mickey Donovan, (Oscar® winner Jon Voight), gets released from prison unexpectedly, a momentous moment that sets off a chain of events, shaking up the entire Donovan family considerably.

Ray Donovan Season 7, in all of its gritty glory and endless excitement, is one of those fave shows on Showtime that simply starts out right where Season 6 left off. And, that’s just the way we like it. When Ray’s handsome yet stoic face comes back on the small screen for the new season, we don’t want to start somewhere in the distant past or even the near future, but rather right where it left off. And, so it does. Ray’s been making some serious progress with his therapy, however, dangers from his past mean that the old Ray Donovan must reappear and he has to juggle helping his clients and helping himself while seeking the answers to some questions that were buried long ago.

1. Some Things Really Are Easier Said Than Done

Ray’s therapist, Arthur Amiot (Alan Alda) suggest that Ray just forgive Dear old Dad, Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) and let go of all his for good, thus setting in motion the events of the Ray Donovan Season 7 premiere. Ray appears to be actually trying to change but unfortunately, he’s still haunted by the past. So, as they say, this is an undertaking that is definitely easier said than done.

2. Dead Heads From the Past Often Reappear

We fast forward four months to when local fishermen pull something out of the water that is quite shocking. It’s a bowling bag but instead of a bowling ball, it contains the head of one of the police officers (namely Albert “Big Al” Clancy) who were killed by, (you guessed it), Ray Donovan himself in a previous season.

3. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

OK, obviously Ray hasn’t completely changed because he really can’t because of everything that he’s still involved in. However, he’ s continuing to go to therapy and trying to better deal with his many issues. That includes trying to forgive his father. He goes to visit him in prison and hearing all about Dad’s upcoming upstate. (Neither of them could be prepared for his possible imminent death during that transport.) Then Ray tries to do the right thing, thanking his father for taking responsibility for his actions, which kept Bunchy safe. Then, taking his sage therapist’s advice, Ray forgives his dad for everything he did in the past. In return, he just laughs, getting mad and shouting at Ray. He says that Ray ruined his life by making him turn himself in, and that Ray should beg him for forgiveness. Well, so much for doing things the healthy way.

4. Ray’s Not Just Muscle

In one scene in the Ray Donovan Season 7, Ray is dealing with a an unbearably spoiled teen star who wants to hire him but instead Ray just gives him some sage advice right off of the top of his head. He advises the 17-year-old celebrity regarding some potentially damning pictures that an older woman is trying to use to blackmail him because he slept with her. Instead of taking the celeb teen’s money, he just tells him that leaking the pics would be admitting to statutory rape since she’s 55 and he’s only 17. Good advice and, although the young man is terribly aggravating and really obnoxious, Ray gives him advice as a favor since his producer helped Bridget out.

5. Every Good Show Needs a Good Cliffhanger

As the Ray Donovan Season 7 premiere episode ends with a bang, Mickey and several other convicts are being transferred upstate to a maximum security facility, the transport vehicle stops at a gas station and the back door springs open. After the guards fix the door (with bungie cords no less) , they’re back on the road again. However, first Mickey spots a gasoline tanker truck sporting a four-leaf clover that looks just like Mickey’s new tattoo on it. This makes Mickey think that something’s soon going to change his luck. Ah, but will it be for the better or for worse? As the tanker truck pulls out of the gas station, the driver flips Mickey the bird and then heads further down the road. The driver, however, has a heart attack when the tanker is climbing a hill. As it slides back down the hill, it ends up directly into the path of the prison transfer bus carrying the convicts, a massive explosion lights up the night. So, now the question Is whether Mickey’s dead or very much alive and capable of escaping? Either way, dead or alice, we’re sure that Ray will definitely be in need of more therapy.

So, with all of this excitement and intrigue at stake here, you don’t want to miss a single episode of Ray Donovan Season 7. You can catch Ray at Sundays at 8PM ET/PT, so set your DVR if you must to be sure not to miss it. There’s bound to be more cliffhangers to come and we’re hoping to see Ray succeed in trying to change his life for the better.

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