Five Things “Superstore” Gets Right about Superstores

The hit series “Superstore” has been brought back for a second season. The sitcom is one of the most brilliant depictions of what actually goes on behind the scenes at larger retail store chains. It gives us a realistic view into the inner workings and if you’ve ever worked for one of these major chains, you’ll smile as you recognize how on spot the series is.

Here are five things that the series gets right about superstores.

1. Trickle down politics from the top

A store can be doing very well on its own,but when an executive that is higher up in the company decides that changes need to be made, it can wreak havoc on the employees of individual stores. In the episodes where company big wigs have come in to observe or recommend changes, they’ve had some learning experiences and so have the staff. Of course, “Superstore” puts a more humorous edge on the interactions, but they can be the source of undue stress on employees who are doing a good job of running the store until the bosses implement some changes that aren’t really necessary.

2. There is always personal drama unfolding behind the scenes

Customers don’t usually see how the employees form bonds and have rivalries, but “Superstore” focuses on the employees of the business and how they interact with one another. There is gossip, guessing, preconceived notions, and a humorous mix of misunderstandings. This is what makes the show so entertaining. Anyone who has worked for a chain understands how complicated these relationships can become.

3. There is always a “company person”

We’ve all worked with the employee that can’t quite seem to just be a real person and reveal their true personalities to their co-workers. They seem to be defined by their jobs. This is true of Dina, played by Lauren Ash. She hides behind her role as a manager and makes it hard for her co-workers to get to know her, but this doesn’t stop Amy from trying. As Amy continues to try to break down the walls that Dina has set up, she discovers that some walls should probably be left standing .

4. Romance frequently blossoms in the break room

The relationship that developed between Amy and Jonah is something that happens a lot between employees who work together. People who work in large retailers often spend a lot of time together, and attractions are bound to form. We were all a little surprised and delighted when this couple finally moved past their love/hate relationship and decided to show their true feelings.

5. Holiday Hell Week is a real thing

When the employees scramble to keep the store in order as the hordes of holiday shoppers burst through the doors, it’s not much of a dramatization. This kind of thing really happens. Store employees really do have the kind of problems that we see in “Superstore.” Customers will break the rules and leave the store in shambles. Some store employees will hide merchandise items that are on a big discount to save them for family members who are coming in to make the purchase. When it’s all over and the doors close for the day, employees are just as worn out as the cast of “Superstore.”


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