Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Casinos

Casinos are essentially giant factories where money is given over and hardly ever returned. Some of the things you see in movies featuring casinos is real enough, but then there are those moments of drama and unrealistic expectations that stretch the truth a little too far to be believed. Of course a few of these points would have been invalid a while back but as of today they are about as real as can be. The average casino is a place that is designed to take your money and not give it back. You get a moment of elation when it seems like you might win only to be devastated when you realize that you just bet the monthly mortgage on red instead of black. In other words, they’re designed to make money, not dish it out.

If you’re looking to beat the house then you might as well enjoy the cheap buffets and the impressive shows, because that will be a much better use of your funds.

5. The punishments for cheating are no longer severe.

Back in the day you could get yourself sent to the ICU or worse, to a hole in the desert if the rumors are to be believed. When Vegas was run by the heavy hitters and even the Mafia bosses it was nothing to joke around with. They didn’t tolerate cheating and would do whatever it took to get the message across that they didn’t like being robbed by anyone. Nowadays there are no beatings and the worst you might get is criminal charges.

4. Surveillance is top notch and misses almost nothing.

I did say ‘almost nothing’ remember. The eye in the sky, the pit bosses, everything that goes into casino security is set up to see everything and anything that could possibly happen. While the margin of error is very low there are still possible blindspots that can be exploited, but unless you’re fully intent on cheating the system it’s not worth taking the risk.

3. The gambling rules aren’t always presented accurately.

A good example would be scenes when a machine in a movie says that to bet on whatever prize you want takes so many coins and the character drops in one coin and wins the prize immediately. Or even better, the character doesn’t know the minimum bid for a table and attempts to make a bet regardless. These are things you need to know before you go gambling.

2. The Mafia no longer runs Vegas. 

There is still rumored to be a mob presence in Las Vegas, one of the absolute biggest gambling cities in the world, but it’s nowhere near what it used to be. Decades ago Vegas was rumored to be a mob-run town. Whether that’s true or not is a matter for the history books and the movies to has out. But one thing is certain, the city does entertain a certain history concerning the Mafia.

1. Cheating does still happen without being caught.

It’s not too hard if you’re really motivated. Remember how I said that casino security catches almost everything? Okay so I said they miss almost nothing, but the point is that if a person is really bent on cheating the house and knows the ins and outs of the casino and the games they can set up a pretty easy scam that will net them a good chunk of money so long as they don’t get caught.

Casinos are like giant snake pits in the movies, but in reality they’re more like giant funhouses for adults.

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