Five Things To Look forward to at This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival is coming in just another month and a lot of people are already looking forward to what they might see at this year’s showing. Having been founded in 2002, supposedly in response to the 9/11 attacks, the festival has reportedly been aimed at reviving the vitality of the Tribeca neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. There are rumors however that this festival was in the works before 9/11, but it does make for a better story and a much more meaningful dedication to cling to the former reason for its existence. The festival is aimed at showcasing documentaries, short films, narratives, and other such features so as to give new and aspiring artists a chance to show what they can do and gain the attention of the people. Thousands of submissions are given to the committee overlooking the festival and only a handful are selected to be shown. On top of that there are also panel discussions with celebrities that allow for a bit of Q&A so that filmmakers and aspiring storytellers can glean whatever they may from those that have been in the business and can give much-needed advice on how to go about making their mark.

It’s a festival where those that are seeking a way into the industry can find an outlet for their passion.

5. 46 of the films shown are directed by women.

Women are coming up in a big way when it comes to film and this would be one of the best ways for them to showcase their talent and their desire. The hope is that more and more women will find that making films and directing will be a dream that they want to accomplish and as a result they will bring a new and exiting perspective to the profession.

4. 46 of the films shown are by first-time filmmakers.

It’s difficult to get noticed when you’re a first-timer but if one is lucky enough to have their film accepted into the festival then it’s time to shine like never before. A great many people submitted their films to this festival and only a small amount got selected. So it’s time for these folks to really show what they can do.

3. A lot of the films will have music themes.

Music seems to be the theme of this year’s festival and as a result it should be fairly interesting as music has played a huge role in the movie industry in many ways. The influence of music and its importance should be seen as something that’s integral to the movie industry as well as complimentary.

2. Studio 54 will be featured in a documentary.

A lot of people have at least heard about Studio 54 and how popular it once was back in the day. At one time this was the mecca of cool where the rich and famous hung out together and made their appearances amidst a sea of onlookers and fans that were there just to have fun. But like all things the party ended after a while. This documentary should be worth watching.

1. There will be a tribute to Disney lyricist Howard Ashman.

Howard Ashman was a renowned playwright and lyricist that worked on several Disney films that were both well-received and incredibly memorable. This tribute will be to commemorate his passing and his contributions to the movie industry.

It should be an interesting time once the festival gets underway.

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