Five Things You Didn’t Know About Vicky Krieps

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Vicky Krieps

There is “celebrity” and then there is celebrity stardom. All it takes it the right opportunity at the right time and a celebrity who has done quite well for themselves in their career can find themselves being catapulted into the stratosphere of ultra-stardom. Whether that will be the case of Vicky Krieps as she takes on her role in Phantom Thread is yet to be seen, but there are some people who believe that this could be a breakout opportunity for Krieps who understands the opportunity that she has in taking on such a challenging role.

While the American public is hearing her name more, there is very little that most fans know about Vicky Krieps, so we decided to share a few facts to bring you up to speed.

1. She Has the Blood of a Revolutionary Flowing through Her Veins

While Vicky is a well-trained and accomplished actress, there are some things that simply come from within. After examining her family tree, it becomes obvious where some of the fire and passion that Krieps possesses comes from. As it turns out, she is the granddaughter of Robert Krieps a politician in Luxembourg who was once a part of the wartime resistance. It is not clear if the elder Krieps has had any direct influence on Vicky’s career, but his revolutionary spirit is definitely present in her acting.

2. She is Professionally Trained

There are multitudinous ways to break into the world of acting. Some people use their celebrity status is sports, music, or comedy to break into the acting work. Hell, rap music gave us Ice Cube, Will Smith, L.L. Cool J and so many more. In Vicky’s case, she was formally trained at the Lycee de Garcons secondary school and the Conservatoire of Luxembourg City. Even with all this training, there were times in which Vicky was unsure of an acting career would materialize from her hard work.

3. She Was Entrenched in Social Work for a Time

Because there were times in which Vicky was unsure about her career in acting, she did not immediately pursue an acting career with the passion and fervor she now displays. There was a time in which she took on social projects, even spending a stint in Africa in a South African township that rests just outside of Knysna. It was actually while serving in a social capacity that she became convinced that acting was for her that she wanted to perform in theatre.

4. Long Before Hitting the Big Screen She Graced Luxembourg Stages with Her Beauty

While Vicky has definitely adjusted to life on the big screen, it was not always her passion. She loved the stage, the intimate relationship with the viewers that standing behind a camera simply does not provide. She spent an enormous amount of time performing on stages in her native Luxembourg before finally spreading her wings and exploring new opportunities. She has taken the time to completely refine her skills and she is groomed well beyond her years.

5. No Major American Accolades Just Yet

While Vicky has earned the Young Newcome Award from the Luxembourg Film Academy and the Best Youngster Award and the Budapest Short Film Festival, she has not claimed any American hardware; however, I doubt if it will be long if she keeps landing parts in films like Phantom Thread that challenge her to expand her range. It is just a matter of time before she graces a Golden Globe or Academy Awards stage as a recipient.

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