Five Things You Didn’t Know about Tony Pitts

Tony Pitts is the kind of guy that had designs towards being a physician when he grew up, but when that didn’t pan out he became a car mechanic for a while. If not for the fact that Barry Hines, an author who was looking for extras for a film adaptation of his novel, he might have stayed as a mechanic for a long while and never realized much else. Of course he could have gone back to school and done something equally as great, but when he got bumped up to a bigger role in the production that Hines picked him for his career path was kind of set.

Sometimes it only takes the right person to notice you.

5. He comes from a working-class family.

There were no real contacts to speak of that could have gotten him into film or TV, and quite honestly he might have felt a little unfulfilled if left to his own devices, but who knows? It could be that he was just fated to be selected as an extra and then recognized for a talent he didn’t know he had. Things like this do happen and sometimes they’re the most fortuitous happenings a person could ask for.

4. He became an actor in 1983.

That made him 21, which was just right to be an actor or an extra really if you think about it. Extras don’t seem to have a set age but actors tend to have a timetable from the moment they start to when they begin to fall out of favor with crowds. So far Pitts has been keeping himself busy as he’s kept busy with his career, taking parts wherever they’re offered and doing his best to give a decent to great performance.

3. He appeared in Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders is a type of gangster movie set just after World War I in Birmingham, England. The Peaky Blinders are a notorious gang that has become ambitious enough that Winston Churchill has set a Chief Inspector against them in an effort to clean up the streets and eliminate the stranglehold that they have on the local economy. The series is pretty good actually since it follows history fairly well.

2. He was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

He played the minor role of Dunstig Pterro, a captain that served as Director Krennic’s personal assistant. You could possibly say that this was a nowhere role without much to crow about, but really and truly it’s a Star Wars film, so that’s a big feather in anyone’s cap that had anything to do with it. Plus he had screen time with the other notable actors, so there’s that as well to consider, and that’s no small thing.

1. He’s also a screenwriter.

He’s turned his attention to screenwriting at this point as well, deciding to flex his vocabulary and his imagination in order to show that he has more to offer. He’s still an actor, but this development gives him a new layer of depth that could make him that much more valuable to many people.

Even the small-time Star Wars characters can be proud of their presence in the films.

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