Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Spierig Brothers

Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Spierig Brothers

There aren’t many identical twins in the directing and producing game. So, one of the first sets to come to mind is identical twins Peter and Michael Spierig — who make up The Spierig Brothers production company. These German-born twins moved to Australia at the age of four and were quickly captivated by the idea of directing and producing their own films. Their film debut came in 2003 and was called Undead. They are also known for Daybreakers, Predestination, and Jigsaw, among other films. The two write, direct, and produce their films side-by-side. Plus, they are always involved with the effects, sound, and editing after the footage is shot.

In recent news, the movie Winchester was released by the brothers. Though the idea behind it is solid — a ghost tale featuring famously-eccentric Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House — it was critically panned for lackluster execution. Despite this, the film wasn’t really that bad either. If you are considering watching Winchester and forming your own opinion, you may want to know more about the twins behind the film. If that is the case, read on to learn Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Spierig Brothers.

They Won a Best Visual Effects Award

Their second film, Daybreakers, was the first to gain any sort of critical acclaim. The film took place in a future world that had been overrun by vampires, and it stars Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. Daybreakers met with a decent amount of success as the Australian Film Institute Awards of 2010, and even took home the prize for the Best Visual Effects.

They Went to the Same College

This pair of identical twins is inseparable. They even both went to the same college — the Queensland College of Art — and both received Bachelor’s Degrees. However, they majored in different things. The combination of Michael’s graphic design major and Peter’s film and television major was formidable and came into use by these directors soon after they graduated.

They Started Making Films at a Young Age

The identical pair first discovered filmmaking at the age of ten, after finding their father’s old video camera. They soon created their first film at the age of 12 — which consisted mostly of firecrackers and the teddy bears that they blew up with them. Their fascination with cinematic arts led them to continue directing short films throughout high school and college, eventually catching the attention of people in the industry.

They Made Commercials

Before the Spierig Brothers achieved moderate success with their films, they shot a lot of commercials to help pay the bills. Their 60+ commercials included advertisements for Lend Lease, Energex, Telestra, and Coke, among other large companies. This also proved as invaluable filmmaking experience for the pair, who continued to work on creative projects on the side.

They Believe in Sending a Message with Their Films

When discussing Winchester, Michael Spierig stated that the best sci-fi and horror films reflect contemporary issues. This came up due to the distinct anti-gun message in the ghost film. He also believes that straying away from topical issues is unwise, and the opposite should be encouraged as it builds up audience engagement.

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