Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Show “Peppa Pig”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Show “Peppa Pig”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Show “Peppa Pig”

‘Peppa Pig’ is a British animation that originally launched May 6, 2004. In the UK, the show is currently shown on Nick Jr. (UK) and Channel 5. It is about a little pig called Peppa, her family, and her animal friends. This animation series has proved so popular that it has become a worldwide sensation and a wide range of related merchandise has been produced. Across the globe, children both watch the cartoons and collect the different Peppa Pig products.

Over the years, there have also been controversies surrounding some of the episodes and the message they give to children. For example, there is one episode where Peppa finds a spider and Daddy Pig tells her not to be scared as they are very tiny and can’t hurt you. Peppa then picks up the spider and makes friends with it. Some parents in Australia were angered and asked for the withdrawal of this episode as there are several species of deadly spiders in their country. Despite this, most parents see this show as a harmless cartoon for their children to watch. Although this cartoon is well-known, there are many facts about the show that people do not know.

Here are five things you might not know about ‘Peppa Pig’.

1. It Was Created by Three Friends

Mark Baker and Neville Astley, two out-of-work animators, developed the idea of Peppa Pig and teamed up with Phil Davies, a producer. The three friends had all studied together at Middlesex Polytechnic together during the 1980s. When they first tried to get the program commissioned, nobody was interested. In the first 12 months, Phil only earned around £400. Now, their fortunes have completely changed thanks to the success of the animation as all three are millionaires.

2. An Italian Woman is Suing the Show

Strangely, an Italian woman is suing the show for the negative impact it has had on her life. The woman’s name is Gabriella Capra and she is suing the show to the tune of around $100,000. One of the characters in the show is called Gabriella Goat. Capra is the Italian word for goat, so the Italian equivalent of this character is Gabriella Capra. The woman says that having an animated goat share her name has turned her into a figure of fun as people have ridiculed her and constantly brought up the character.

3. It is Shown in 180 Territories

‘Peppa Pig’ has become so popular that it is now shown in 180 territories across the globe. Just some of the networks that air this program are Latin American Discovery Kids, ABC 4 Kids in Australia, and Nickelodeon/ Nick Jr. in the USA. The program has also been translated into 40 languages. Due to this success, this program brings in a revenue of approximately $1 billion.

4. The Voice of Peppa Pig Has Been Provided by Three Girls

Although the voice of Peppa Pig sounds the same throughout, the voice has actually been provided by three different girls since the series started. Lily Snowden-Fine was the first to provide the voice in series 1 followed by Cecily Bloom in series 2. The voice of Peppa in series 3 to 5 was provided by Harley Bird.

5. Morwenna Banks is the Voice of Mummy Pig

Morwenna Banks has provided the voice of Mummy Pig from the beginning of the series to the present day. This character is the mother of Peppa and George and she works from home on the computer. The first name of Mummy Pig is never revealed. Morwenna Banks also provides the voices for Madame Gazelle and Dr. Hamster in the series. Banks is a comedy actress, a producer, and a writer.


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