Five Things you Didn’t Know about Roy Price, Former Head of Amazon Studios

When it rains it pours I guess. Men in high positions within the film and TV industries don’t seem to be getting the point that the free ride and the sexual sprint is over. Following hot on the heels of Harvey Weinstein, who’s been the media’s current villain thanks to the sexual harassment charges that have been filed against him, the now former head of Amazon Studies, Roy Price, has been let go from Amazon following a sexual harassment allegation from one of the women he was attempting to proposition, producer Isa Hackett. It would seem that guys in Hollywood just aren’t getting the point as of now. Actors no longer care on which side their bread is buttered, the party’s over and it’s time to pay the bill.

That means you too Roy.

5. He graduated from Harvard in 1989.

You get the feeling that a guy who’s this educated would know better than to simply shout the words ‘anal sex’ at a woman in public, but according to Isa Hackett that’s just what he did. And if you think that someone might take your words out of context you might want to think about not saying them at all. Really, some of those that say they’re educated seem to mistake intelligence with wisdom.

4. He studied law.

How infuriating is this? He’s been a law student and yet he couldn’t seem to remember that propositioning a woman could be construed as harassment, especially if she’s not interested and shows no sign that she’ll be interested in the near future. So what in the world did he learn at law school. Don’t do anything unless you can do without being caught?

3. He started out as a film set assistant.

If you wanted a reason to be proud of him I guess it would be the fact that he hasn’t had a free ride, he’s had to earn everything he had including his position. That alone would have made him a decent person I would have hoped until you learn that for some reason he still believes it’s okay to just say whatever you want to a person and not expect repercussions.

2. He was made head of Amazon Studios in 2014.

Head of the studio for three years, alright. You had everything going for you and now you had to let it go simply because you couldn’t keep your teeth closed over an impulse that was better left alone. Some people might go so far to defend him but eventually it’s got to be realized that treating a woman in the way that he did is not polite or professional.

1. He’s been around Hollywood since he was little.

His father was a studio operator and as a result Roy was always in the thick of things when it came Hollywood. Lee Majors even taught him how to swim, that’s how deep in he was. Some people might call that a fairy tale life but obviously it didn’t teach him a lot of lessons in humility.

The times of playing it fast and loose are over Roy, time to grow up a bit.


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