Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion Takes on Daffy Duck in WB Animation

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion Takes on Daffy Duck in WB Animation

It’s silly but it’s interesting to think about. Who would have the advantage in a death match between Scorpion and Daffy Duck? There’s not a lot of comparison for that since they’re both animated characters and they’re both highly resistant to damage. In fact the only way to eliminate Daffy is to basically erase him, thus snuffing him out of existence, whereas Scorpion has suffered a few defeats in his time and is already able to come back from just about anything it would appear thanks to being a denizen of the Netherrealm. Of course it would all come down to the writers since that’s usually how it ends up anyway, though it might not make a lot of people too happy to think that a Looney Tune could possibly do any damage to a Mortal Kombat fighter, one of the toughest of the bunch in fact. Jason Wojnar of Screenrant has him at number 15 on the list of most powerful characters, which sounds a bit low, but when looking at the characters that are arrayed above him it’s kind of easy to understand. Having Scorpion take on Daffy Duck however does tend to sound like a huge joke since the Looney Tunes have a huge advantage over just about any other animated character ever created, they have perhaps the greatest resistance to damage of any cartoon character, EVER.

Some people have even gone ahead and thought up dream matches between the Looney Tunes and MK squad and it’s actually kind of funny to think about since when you realize just what kind of things the Looney Tunes have been through. The MK characters don’t have much of a chance in theory since they can take a lot of damage, but it’s been shown in story mode that if they take too much or are damaged in a significant way, they do tend to get taken out of the equation, at least until the time lines are restarted again. It would be a fun match-up though and likely the MK characters would find that they would be a little in over their heads since when they get a hole blown through them or have their neck twisted around they don’t tend to get up that quick. Of course the violence of the Looney Tune characters tends to be more quirky and less anger-driven given that they’re a lot more carefree, even if they do have a tendency to get angry at each other from time to time.

Damian Damaske of Joblo makes a good accounting for Daffy by stating that the goofy duck has probably seen a place like the Netherrealm before, so getting dragged to hell by Scorpion might not be optimal but it’s not exactly something that he’s never done in his long existence. Whether Scorpion could kill the duck….well, that’s hard to say. Like I’ve repeated over and over, it depends on the writers and what they want to do with a character. Killing Daffy would be pretty grim since, as a child’s cartoon and a character that many of us grew up with over the years, finally getting rid of Daffy instead of just retiring him in a non-violent manner would be kind of controversial to say the least. There are so many ways to traumatize kids using cartoons that it feels likely that doing such a thing and making it public and for good is bound to be something that would backfire in a very big way. Having them fight would be a good bit of comedy since it would pit a very capable fighter against a toon that is basically nuts when he wants to be and has access to all sorts of things that the other Looney Tunes usually do, but also has some of the worst luck of any of them since Daffy is, as we’ve all seen, usually the victim in one way or another. Really, how many different ways has his beak been rearranged on his head? In a way the Looney Tunes almost feel as though they’re made from the unnamed stuff that is powered by the fans and given form by the love that so many people have for the character, which could be a part of what makes the Looney Tunes so impervious to lasting physical damage. They can be crushed, burned, strangled, and take other various kinds of abuse and just shake it off in the next few seconds. Scorpion can do that too, kind of, but in a much more limited way.

It’s all conjecture and fantasy at this point really but it’s still fun to think about since it opens up a lot of interesting discussions that might run a little further and offer up a few interesting facts about each character in the process.

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