Five Things You Didn’t Know About Renee Elise Goldsberry

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Renee Elise Goldsberry

What do you think you know about Renee Elise Goldsberry? If you think you already know all there is about the Broadway star who has graced the stage n such productions as The Color Purple and Hamilton, think again. You undoubtedly know that she’s a gifted performer, but what makes her who she is at her core? Below are five things you probably don’t know about her, but you are sure to find all of it interesting, as there is really nothing boring or mundane about this young actress.

1. She still gets stage fright

Despite all her previous experience and success, she still gets nervous before really big or important numbers. She has the capacity to realize how important each scene is and she obviously wants to do her best work in every scene. As a result, she has a tendency to tense up a little bit when she knows she’s about to perform one of the most important numbers in the show, because she wants it all to go well for the sake of the audience and her fellow castmates.

2. She doesn’t get much sleep these days

Goldsberry has two young children and she makes every effort to be with them as much as possible. As you might imagine, it can be hard to star in a Broadway play at night and then wake up early with the kids first thing in the morning, but that is precisely what she does. According to her, it’s more important to spend that quality time with them than it is to do anything else, so she makes the effort to do it, even when she’s tired. She knows how blessed she is to be starring on Broadway, but she also has her priorities straight, realizing that her children are far more important than any job or any level of stardom.

3. She doesn’t always eat as healthy as you might think

You might be thinking that she always sticks to this strict diet. However, that isn’t really the case. She says that fans of the show tend to send treats backstage, and those treats are usually comprised of things like potato chips and even cookies. According to Goldsberry, you can commonly find her back there before the show starts and during breaks, eating away at whatever happens to be there for the night.

4. She enjoys naps more than ever now

She claims that she didn’t used to enjoy naps because she would notice a change in her voice when she sang if she took one. However, she has had to make some concessions with two young children and a demanding job. As a result of her hectic schedule, she now indulges in a nap every morning after she gets her kids to school. This gives her the chance to spend some quality time with them and still treat her own body worth the respect it deserves.

5. She enjoys meeting people

Goldsberry says one of the things she enjoys the most is meeting people who have come to see the show. She gets the chance to do this whenever they come backstage. She says the part she enjoys the most is seeing how much a particular number, or even the show in general, has moved them because she knows she played a part in that.

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