Five Things You Didn’t Know about Patrice Desilets

It’s not too often you get to hear about the creator of a video game or a movie unless it’s something that needs to be said. Patrice Desilets is a guy that many people might know nothing about since there are still a lot of folks out there that have never even heard about Assassin’s Creed. Fans and enthusiasts however likely know his name at least as they might see it important to remember the name of a man that helped create such an awesome experience within the gaming world.

Play one Assassin’s Creed game and you’ll know why it’s considered to be so awesome.

5. He’s responsible for creating Assassin’s Creed.

Maybe he didn’t create every last little thing in the game but he was a big name that went into the creation of the story and the creative design that went with it. He’s credited as being one of the most important figures to ever work on the game so it’s worth noting that he had a lot to do with how it came out and why it became so popular with so many fans. If nothing else he’s to be thanked for helping to bring forth such an awesome game.

4. Prince of Persia is another game he’s been involved with.

It would kind of seem as though he likes games that are adventurous in design and are able to make use of a great deal of stunning displays and venues that can challenge the gamer and force them to think outside of the box. Prince of Persia is another game in which the character can seemingly defy gravity and confound their opponents with their stunning maneuvers and sound battle tactics.

3. His background is in film.

This would explain why he has such a great eye for detail and why he’s been so helpful in bringing the games he’s worked on to light. When you come from the kind of background that’s needed for the type of work you enjoy it almost stops being work at some point and becomes a little easier than you thought it might be. There’s still a lot of hard work involved but with the kind of passion that a person such as Patrice has it almost becomes effortless sometimes.

2. After spending a year away from the gaming industry he came back to THQ.

He left Ubisoft at one point since he wanted to be able to exercise more creative independence. In doing so he took a year off from the gaming industry to try and get himself back in the swing of things. Once he came back he signed with THQ to take on another project.

1. He was dumped by Ubisoft. 

Unfortunately when THQ had to sign Chapter 11 they were taken over by Ubisoft, who was already down on Patrice since he walked away from them. Not willing to give him another chance, Ubisoft dumped him without question in a fashion that can only be described as borderline unethical.

Seems like it’s ruthless in the gaming world as well.

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