Five Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Dylan

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Dylan

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Dylan

There could be a lot of words that might be hurled around at Paris Dylan right now regarding her relationship to famous singer Don McLean. Not all of them would be kind, and in fact very few if any of them would be complimentary to the 22-year old model who has somehow found her way into McLean’s heart and been with him for a little over year now. The romance seemed to come out of nowhere for many people, but now that it’s here and out for the world to see it’s something that might have to be discussed in a little more depth. That can possibly saved for another article though.  In the meantime, here are five things you didn’t know about Paris Dylan:

5. She’s a Playboy model.

This carries a few stigmas with it no matter that Playboy has been seen as a gentleman’s magazine throughout the years. The models aren’t always given the credit they might be due for actually being intelligent and somewhat deep, but when things like this happen it tends to bring into question their maturity and intelligence really no matter how smart or wise they might be. There’s a lot to be said for love, but there are also a lot of other things to be said.

4. She’s modeled for Maxim.

She’s made a decent name for herself in the modeling world it seems so it’s not likely that money is the reason she’s with McLean, if one thinks about it. But then there is the question of how much she’s made over her career and what kind of opportunities she might have been looking at before hooking up with the singer. Unfortunately there’s bound to be a lot of criticism when it comes to a relationship like this.

3. She’s young enough to be Don McLean’s granddaughter.

This is usually something that when brought up is more of an issue between family and the individual that’s taking on the relationship with someone so much younger. The public has no say in this really and for many people it’s simply something to shake their head at. All judgment and eye-rolling aside though it is kind of odd to think of anyone being romantically-involved with someone that’s so much older than them.

2. She started out being a superfan of McLean.

It seems safe to assume that she’s taken the role of superfan to a new level at this point. Paris might have been one McLean’s biggest fans throughout her, ahem, ‘younger’ years, but taking that leap from being a fan to being a lover is something that just about anyone is going to comment on as they might see it as something more illicit than it really is. Honestly they’re both consenting adults so it’s no one else’s business.

1. She was with Don when he was a guest on BBC Breakfast on March 15th. 

It took forever to get Don to remember that he was on a live show so that he would give the hosts his attention. It kind of begs the question of why Paris didn’t remind him since she was sitting right behind him. Or maybe that was just for a picture, she could have been back stage watching perhaps.

Say what you want about this, but in the end it’s all on them and what they want to do with this relationship.

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