Five Things You Didn’t Know about New CBS Show “Instinct”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about New CBS Show “Instinct”

The new CBS show Instinct is the kind of show that has a definite formula but is trying once again to bring something new to the fold by pairing up and older character with a younger one in the hopes of continuing peoples’ interest in crime stories. The plot of the story is that a former CIA field officer is being brought into a murder investigation when it’s discovered that a murderer is using his book in order to commit their crimes. While it might seem like a new idea to some this has been kicked around a few times in the past. How the showrunners handle the material will decide the level of interest.

It could have promise but following the pilot we’ll have to wait and see.

5. The murderer is using the professor’s book as a tutorial.

This kind of plot line has been used in a few TV shows and movies. One that comes to mind is The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. A TV show that’s used this plot device is Law and Order: SVU. It’s not a new device but it does have a lot of potential since it brings an air of familiarity to the characters but still has enough freedom to it that it can take the story in a lot of different directions.

4. It’s based off of a James Patterson novel.

The show is based off of Murder Games, a novel that was collaborated on by James Patterson. Without going into too much detail about how Patterson is the voice and name behind the story this idea has been brought to fruition by another writer in a way that has created a kind of cat and mouse game in which neither side ever really knows just which they are. Likely that will change the closer they come to each other.

3. The series was picked up in 2017.

It’s obviously been more of an idea before entering into production since then. There were no doubt a lot of things that needed to be hammered out and the production of the show could have taken up a great deal of time as well. As of now however the show is out and ready to be viewed by the public to see what they’ll think.

2. The pilot aired on March 18th.

The buzz is already likely to be picking up since just yesterday the pilot for the show came out and people are no doubt talking about it. According to the schedule given the show will be airing once a week. This could potentially give the audience enough time to build up interest and wonder just what’s going to happen with the next episode. That in turn could keep them coming back.

1. Critics are kind of hedging their best on the show at this moment.

This isn’t too surprising since the show is still new and many critics might not want to place all their eggs in one basket so to speak. Once they’ve watched the pilot however their opinions might turn one way or the other.

The story seems sound enough so hopefully it’s a decent show.

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