What We Learned from the Trailer for Weird But True Season 3

What We Learned from the Trailer for Weird But True Season 3

Disney+ has definitely found a way to diversify and it’s kind of interesting really since Weird but True season 3 is coming right along and despite knowing about a few things that the trailer has already given up there are still bound to be plenty of people that might find some subjects that they’ll be covering kind of interesting. The supervolcano beneath Yellowstone is something that a lot of people have been aware of for some time since it’s been a topic of discussion on many online sites over the years, particularly when it comes to how long it’ll be until it blows and whether or not it will happen in our lifetime. A lot of people tend to freak out about this kind of thing fairly regularly but they should probably chill and remember that there are highly educated individuals that work on this type of issue all the time, and many of them are stating that it might never happen in the same way again. It’s still of great interest to many people since the dynamics of how a volcano works are something that many people tend to find intriguing. As far as a leech farm goes and why it might be practical, well, that’s something that’s best to find out on the show since for a while in the old days leeches did have a very practical use that a lot of people wouldn’t want to consider now.

Another interesting fact mentioned in the trailer is the idea that dinosaurs didn’t roar as often as we see in the movie. This is something that, to some people, should come as fairly obvious since most predators don’t make a lot of noise when hunting. It’s a pretty common survival trait since the noisiest predators are those that don’t get to eat considering that they’d be scaring off the food source and thereby lowering their chances to feed. That’s why anything that a person might see in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World or anything like it is pretty inaccurate since predators that scare off their food are predators that tend to go extinct the quickest. Thanks to Jurassic Park its kind of hard to see a T.Rex being sneaky or in any way silent, but not only are the roars that are being heard manufactured, they’re ridiculous since when used for anything but intimidation or dominance they’re just plain ridiculous. It can be said that in the initial movie that the T.Rex was fairly sneaky but was still undone at times by the impact tremors that were just as ridiculous since anything making that kind of vibration in the ground would either indicate the creature was already hovering over their intended meal and stomping on purpose, or were actually far larger and could cause more of a ground tremor from further away. Of course, that would mean that they’d literally be shaking the earth once they closed the distance and would be visible from a much further distance.

It’s hard to say just how in-depth the show is going to go on that particular fact but it is a chance for kids, and even adults, to learn a little more about the world around them and how things actually work as opposes to how pop culture presents them. Most of what we see in movies and TV shows is entirely fictionalized even when some of it is convincing enough to make people believe that this is the way the world is. Shows like this are great since they deliver the information that tells people just how things really are and they do it in a fun and engaging sort of way that makes it possible to learn and to have a good time with it. The show is a bit corny at times, but one has to remember that it’s catering mostly to kids and is attempting to deliver the information in a manner that can be understood and isn’t too dry for people to pick up on since kids, smart as they are these days, are still meant to be kids and to have fun with the process of learning so that they can actually grow and develop as people and not neurotic little headcase’s that need therapy by the time they’re in middle school after being pushed to excel for too many years. Having fun with learning is a boon since it reminds kids that as important as it is to excel in life, and it is without any doubt, there’s always time to have fun and just be a kid, no matter how goofy that might make you look or feel.

So far the upcoming season looks like it might be a lot of fun for viewers and it could be a good way to learn about the world around us.

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