Five Things You Didn’t Know about the New CBS Series “Doubt”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about the New CBS Series “Doubt”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about the New CBS Series “Doubt”

Katherine Heigl is the star of the CBS drama “Doubt.” It was touted as one of the high profile shows to hit the CBS lineup. Expectations for its success were high for the series and fans may be wondering how the show has done since its premiere. Heigl is joined by Dule Hill and Laverne Cox which has set the tone for the hype that ensued prior to the actual airing. Here are five things that you didn’t know about the new CBS series.

1. The premiere episode fell short of expectations

Producers believed that the new series “Doubt” would bring in several million viewers. Having an all-star cast with Katherine Heigl being the most predominant in the press should have been a major drawing card. While expectations were high for the show, the actual number of viewers for the February 16, 2017 premiere came in at just 5.3 million total. This was a bit disheartening for the kickoff episode.

2. Doubt was cancelled after the second episode

CBS decided that because of low viewership and ratings, the series would be cancelled This seemed to be a very swift end to a new series that had not yet been given the time to amass an audience and following of fans. For those who were just getting into the show, this is bad news. It lost its slot in the prime time lineup and will be replaced with something that execs hope will give them a greater drawing of viewers for the time slot.

3. “Beyond Borders” is the series that replaced it

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is the choice that CBS has made to replace “Doubt.” The popular series will give the network the numbers that are required to meet their viewership and ratings goals.

4. Ratings were too low for Doubt

The launch of the series was largely unsuccessful. Those who did view it and offered their comments gave it an overall rating of 0.8. Readers from TVLine officially gave the pilot episode a grade of C+ which sadly, is only average.

5. Weakness cited as a factor for failure

“Doubt” was intended to be a legal drama with an all-star cast. It didn’t live up to the expectations. The story-lines were critically reviewed and found to be weak without much substance. There wasn’t a lot of drama or excitement and the show just didn’t catch on. It might have been a different story if the show had opened with an explosive beginning. It could have been much more dramatic. There really wasn’t much offered to make viewers want to come back for seconds or thirds. The series turned out to be an epic disappointment.

“Doubt” didn’t exactly hit the ground running. Despite the fact that it showed great promise, fans didn’t seem to be interested enough to catch the premiere episode in the numbers that were required by the network. This is the business of television. If a show doesn’t bring in the number of expected viewers, it’s pulled from the prime time slot and replaced with a more certain drawing card.

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