Five Things You Didn’t Know about Morgan Dameron

Morgan Dameron is an American writer, producer, and director. She got her start working under J.J. Abrams as his assistant on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and was actually very instrumental to one of the characters. She’s since gone on to write and direct her own stories and is currently enjoying at least moderate success in her endeavors. Her time spent with Abrams was obviously beneficial as she’s gone on to doing her own thing in an industry that’s notorious for taking young directors and making them either quit or suffer a panic attack now and again as part of the initiation. So far it seems like she’s doing fine and should be someone to watch in the coming years.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

5. Her last name was given to one of the Star Wars characters from The Force Awakens.

The Resistance pilot Poe Dameron was given her last name since it sounds as though it belongs in Star Wars, which Morgan agrees with. She found out about it when she was doing some work for Abrams and went to speak to someone about it. Thankfully she didn’t have an issue with it and was in truth very flattered. It’s not everyone that gets their name put into a movie.

4. She was J.J. Abrams’ assistant.

This must have been a good start for her seeing as how she’s off on her own now directing her own films. There’s no doubt she learned a few tricks of the trade and how to navigate the business side of the industry as well as the directorial side. It seems as though she might have been highly valued by Abrams and the rest of the crew she worked with.

3. She’s already directed her first film.

This is Morgan’s directorial debut and is about a bride that jilts her fiancee at the altar to take a life-changing road trip with her younger sister in order to follow her heart and avoid settling down at this point in her life. It’s also filmed entirely in Morgan’s home of Kansas City, which is a great boon to her since she gets to stay in her comfort zone while doing something this great.

2. She’s helped out on a number of films.

She’s also helped out on Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. This has allowed her to keep honing the skills she already as and developing those skills that would eventually allow her to take the next step in her career. Being able to put these kind of credits on your resume would be a big step up in the industry and should maker far more appealing as a director.

1. Her family is proud of the fact that their name appears in Star Wars.

According to Morgan her mother actually bought a 12-inch Poe Dameron figure and displays it proudly in their home as a testament to the fact that their name is being represented in film. It’s pretty cool to be honest and something to be proud of.

Here’s to many more years of Morgan Dameron and her career.

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