Five Things You Didn’t Know about Logan Lerman

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is at this time one of the biggest and most up and coming stars that Hollywood had seen in a while and is continually proving this by taking on roles in which he’s been greatly remembered like the Percy Jackson movies in which he plays the title role. So far in his career he’s done enough that he can look back and rightly claim to have a very impressive resume. With the kind of ambitions he has there’s no limit at this point to just how far he might be able to go.

He’s one of the many that’s managed to get a healthy head start on the life that he wants.

5. He had an agent at the age of four.

This isn’t too surprising since by the age of two and a half he’d already told his mother that he wanted to be an actor. That’s rather impressive since a lot of us at two years old were still parked in front of the TV watching cartoons and babbling excitedly about what we’d just watched or going off to emulate them in some way only to realize that we weren’t quite as skilled as the people on TV.

4. He was the younger version of Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect.

This movie does a lot of back and forth as Evan moves along his own personal time line so there was a lot of use for Logan when it came to showing young Evan and just what was happening to disrupt his life. The movie itself was well-developed but instead of becoming a mainstream classic became more of a cult classic that didn’t get a lot of play after it was released on DVD.

3. He’s appeared in two films with Mel Gibson.

He played Gibson’s son in The Patriot and the younger version of Gibson in What Women Want. There’s an advantage to being the young person on the set when it comes to sharing time lines. Plus it afforded him yet another chance to be in the presence of known and experienced actors that he could watch and possibly learn from. Thanks to his agent he’s had a lot of help in his career.

2. He’s managed by his mother.

It would be big boost for anyone if the person managing them knew them so well. No one knows you better than your parents most times so it’s easy to see that his mother could follow his progress and determine when he needs a break or if he can keep going. It might put a strain on their relationship at times but it would keep them closer as well it would seem.

1. His biggest ambition is to direct.

This seems to be the direction that a lot of actors both young and old have decided to take when they finally reach the point where they want to do something else. Some actors make the transition quickly, but Logan is patiently waiting for his day to come as he continues to use acting as a springboard towards his real goal.

He’s definitely doing everything right so far.

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